The midterm elections were not as bad as we thought they would be but not nearly as promising as they could have been, nevertheless there’s every reason to be optimistic as we look down the road to 2024, particularly with the presence of so many women running and some attaining new political heights.

We are also pleased to learn of the several breakthroughs, including a Gen Z to office as well as the increased turnout of young voters, and nothing is greeted with as much enthusiasm as this development.

Yes, there are celebratory moments as you can see in our pages, and several troubling setbacks that we will return to later, especially upon learning that Brittney Griner has been transferred to a penal colony in Russia. Perhaps the only hope left for the beleaguered WNBA icon is that some sort of prisoner exchange is in the works, though that would not be one of equivalency.

From what we’ve heard about the conditions in the Russian penal colonies, they are not at all different from the Gulags of the past, and the treatment there is brutal with no regard for human decency.

Thus far, Brittney has shown a tough determination to endure the imprisonment but more challenging days, weeks, months, and—heaven forbid—years are ahead. Her situation will probably be with us as long as the war continues in Ukraine, and it’s an unfortunate circumstance that she finds herself inextricably tied to a terrible war.

Even so, our hopes and prayers have not ceased and we will remain ever vigilant until she receives some sense of justice where very little has occurred in the past.

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