Berkeley College alumna Janna S. Williams believes in living a life of service. 

“It’s important to give back,” said Williams, a resident of Paterson, NJ. “Having a giving heart will always make someone’s day special.” 

It was in this spirit that Williams made an unbelievable contribution – a carload of Thanksgiving groceries, to be donated to the Berkeley College Foundation food pantries that serve students experiencing food insecurity. 

“Food insecurity is a problem that strikes at the heart of New Jersey,” said Diane Recinos, EdD, President of Berkeley College, as the Foundation cut the ribbon on its third food pantry for students in September. “Our students are working hard in the classroom, at their internships, and at their jobs, but hunger can make it hard to focus, and hard to be successful.” 

The Berkeley College Foundation offers food pantries for students at Berkeley College campuses in Woodland Park and Newark, NJ, and New York City. Orders can also be placed virtually. 

Williams made the donation at the College’s annual Pre-Thanksgiving Networking Event, held on November 10, 2022, at Uncorked Lounge in Totowa, NJ. More than 75 alumni and local business owners attended the event, bringing 500 items for the food pantries. 

“Like so many Berkeley College alumni, Janna is spreading kindness throughout her community,” Mary Ann Chimento, Director, Corporate and Community Relations, Berkeley College. “We appreciate her selflessness as well as the generosity of all those who donated food to brighten the holidays for our students and their families.” 

Williams’ act of goodwill comes as she prepares to embark on a new adventure – the 2020 Justice Studies graduate will begin a role as a Police Ambassador for the Clayton County Police Department in Jonesboro, GA, in mid-December. 

“I am excited about this new position because I want to further my experience in criminal justice and also help my community in any way I can,” Williams said. The position involves aspects of community policing, including assisting local citizens and taking police reports. 

Williams has served as a Police Aide with the Paterson Police Department since 2020. As a student at Berkeley College, she held an internship with the New Jersey Parole Board in Newark, NJ. 

“Berkeley College prepared me for success by giving me the skills, the drive, and the perseverance to achieve my goals,” Williams said. “I see myself being very successful in the future because I keep pushing myself to greatness. I want to inspire others to keep the faith. Even though life can knock you down, you can stand up and keep moving toward what you want.” 

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