The process is moving at a graceful pace this week like great, great, great grandma, aunts, Daisy, Emma, Ruth, Ethel, Florence accompanied by the men great, great, great grandpa, uncle, George, Bill, Fred, Elijah, Henry on the yellow cheese bus with a delivery and a message. Nurture your seeds, baby, projects, and plans as the big new bang theory forms like a hurricane, erupting like a volcano preparing to strike. Mother nature ushered in with her agenda slowly yet surely on the way. Silently, sophisticated she walks to step foot in the house, and when you see, feel, taste, and smell her you know her presence is divine. As she slowly sits on her throne to deliver the agenda. Listen carefully. Unfinished business old and new are addressed. 

Capricorn: New beginning, relationships, discoveries, alliances, and directions in your life. Faith is your teacher this cycle as you go through this reawakening of your soul mission. Continue to study, practice, learn and ask if you do not know or understand. Rewards are surely paying off from the work you applied in the game accompanied by sleepless nights, sweat, pain, trials, and tears you have cried. Listen very closely as certain information allows you to put a piece to the puzzle. Details and information are also given through the dream state. November 16-18, startling phenomena transpire organically like the sunrise and sunset. 

Aquarius: Something is cooking in your neck of the woods and folks can sense it. Be it a project is complete, you meet a goal, learn something new, and mostly you are committed to staying the course. Take a deep sigh. Take the back seat, be an observant student and take notes. Newsflashes come in quickly, be selective of what you tune into and speak your truth and also what’s on your heart. Finance, romance, career, a wedding proposal, or a commitment be it business or personal is presented to you. The choice is yours. November 19-20, contracts, and partnerships, are renewed so that your establishment is moving in a new direction.  

Pisces: Can you say change at its finest? Change comes with a pause with a moment of stillness to figure out your next move. Hold tight, you need all the details and 411 to understand what’s happening. Bits and pieces are revealed yet it’s not the whole puzzle. Look in the mirror to see the true reflection of the answers you seek. It’s something deeper within you need to face. Quick action and decisions are being made so seek advice if needed. November 21-22, the focus is career and partnerships. You are in the middle of a breakthrough. 

Aries: A weekly cycle of feeling sedate and lagging with a slur to the words coming out of other people and your mouth. The reason is to ensure you have the nutrients needed, the right amount of sunlight and everything is aligned as planned like a preview before the main event begins. Focus on your position and the role you are playing. If there was ever a time you needed to express yourself and follow your heart no matter what, now it is time to make your move. The development of your projects, relationships, and other affairs needs a little attention from you. Days leading up to Nov. 23, get in tune with yourself and the sacrifices you made to get where you are today. 

Taurus: Get to business as usual and develop new ways to operate and maneuver in this universe. New opportunities are presented to you. Decide on the ones that align with your agenda. Trying new ways has its ups and downs as long as you know anything can be redirected to fit the theme. A one-on-one conversation with self, be it through the dream state, personal, or a significant meeting with someone. Partnerships, contracts, semi-legal matters, and renewing certain aspects of your life differently. 

Gemini: Mirror, mirror on the wall who do you see? What is your reflection conveying to you? Does a review of your life flash right before you? Recognize the relationships with yourself and you will understand your outer world. Any sickness/illness that you feel is part of what you are eating, mainly what you are thinking and what you are comfortable with. Instead, Mars in Gemini is assisting you to break any habits, patterns, places, and people that don’t serve a purpose to your soul. November 19-20, you are a rebel without validation.

Cancer: Your mind is on the money and the money is on your mind, thinking of ways to elevate yourself within your business or career. During this cycle get everything in order, organize your cabinets, dresser, home, work, and other things that need to be straightened out to look the part. If you need something ask, also money owed is due, or is coming back to you. A cycle to enhance your spirituality and any area of focus on self to develop. Guard your ears, nose, and throat, and get a full body massage. November 21-22, what’s the plan and your goal to rev up your life? 

Leo: Travel, higher learning, self-expression, creating projects, or at least creating an outline of the agenda. This weekly cycle is important due to the information received, the people in your environment, and understanding there is a message you need to hear and something you need to see. The story playing out is backed by a hidden lesson as you feel a sense of destiny and purpose playing its card. Change is needed for upgrades and updates. Days leading up to the 23rd your perspective on life elevates to a higher meaning. 

Virgo: Plans are going accordingly yet there seems to be something trying to distract, block, to steer you in another direction. Keep moving along with the plan; even if something breaks it can be fixed. Being stuck between a rock and hard place where you feel like a monkey in the middle, just know when you catch the ball it’s fair game now. The roles are being switched. Hints, clues, messages, signs, etc. are hovering over you within your environment. November 16-18, being still and the wait-and-see game can be a better option than acting on something. The law of attraction is a divine tool. 

Libra: The water is boiling, and the stove is hot, ready for what you have prepared to cook, and when it’s done it’s showtime. Be prompt and show up before the bosses as this week is about preparation working in slow motion. It’s up to you to take notes and heed the information given. Be original, and strike out on your own to rise to the occasion. The pitcher has thrown you a curveball—it’s up to you to swing or not. November 19-20, decisions need to be made with a few cancellations. 

Scorpio: This cycle the boss is in the building and no need for a title, your aura demands and commands authority this week. It’s time to step up to the plate and delegate what needs to be done. You have a strategy in place regarding business and personal matters being addressed and also resolved. Change comes within one’s mindset to operate differently toward ascension. As the plan is in effect check off what is complete to see the progress forward. Once you do that you understand the assignment and what’s needed. November 21-22, a new director is writing the script and also repositioning your team members or family including yourself to get prepared for the new journey to lead the way. 

Sagittarius: There is a lot of talk circulating and what you need to know or address will come to you. No need to look for it. This is helping the hand cycle within your neighborhoods, assisting with friends and family. The up-in-the-air waiting on something to change is gathering information as you keep continuing to handle your business. Enjoy life, the conversation you engage in, and the change of flow this cycle will make sense toward the 25th of November. November 21-22, take a brisk walk through nature and engage in solitude to regain focus and work a miracle on the mind. 

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