Priscilla Frederick Loomis with her college coach, Jim Hurt, at the St. John’s Athletics Hall of Fame ceremony (Credit: Red Storm Athletics/Vincent Dusovic)

Beyond her own accomplishments as an All American high jumper, Priscilla Frederick Loomis ushered in a new era for St. John’s University’s track and field program. Several years prior to her becoming a member of the Red Storm, St. John’s had dropped men’s track and field, which impacted its women’s team. Following Loomis’ trips to the NCAA Championships and national honors, the track and field program rebounded and reached new heights.

“I was always the underdog and I worked incredibly hard,” said Loomis, who last month was inducted into the St. John’s University Athletics Hall of Fame. At the ceremony, she was introduced by former track and field head coach Jim Hurt, who retired last year after 33 years as head coach. “We have been through so much, and he gave me this opportunity.

“When I was a student-athlete, I wanted Coach Hurt to know he could count on me, and I would get the wins that would ultimately lead the program to great success,” she added. “Now, I can be on the other side of it and think how I can support the next generation of powerful females.”

Since retiring from track and field last year, Loomis, a 2016 Olympian and two-time Pan Am Games medalist representing Antigua, has been working on her future. She officially launched her career as a motivational speaker and media personality and built the curriculum that she presents. Loomis also continues to work on her Priscilla E. Frederick Foundation.

 “I started my own company from square one,” Loomis said. “I can honestly say I wake up and I love what I do. I speak on the Olympic mindset and bring that to everyday life. I also touch on women’s empowerment, leadership development, quitting toxic relationships and environments and being a badass warrior every single day.

“I work with different schools, education systems and companies, and now I am branching out to bigger speaking engagements all throughout the country with the hope that I can expand globally next year,” she continued. “I’m educating myself to meet the audience where they’re at. It’s not just me talking about my life. I’m actually speaking light into others.”

Loomis hopes to build a stronger sense of community among athletes representing Antigua at international competitions. Social media is a tool. As with everything, her message is to share kindness, love and confidence.

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