A giant step was taken on Tuesday when Stewart Rhodes, leader of the Oath Keepers, was found guilty of seditious conspiracy in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

He and several of his cohort were convicted of obstructing the presidential electoral count and could face up to 20 years in prison.

No doubt the verdict and sentence will be appealed but this makes the long proceedings in the House worth the time and expense, and now they can go and convict the rest of those so-called patriots calling themselves Proud Boys.

But rounding up the hooligans will not be complete until all of them are brought to justice, including the provocateurs who egged them on, urging them to storm the Capitol Building. Trump was the instigator, the cheering section, and just as guilty as the perpetrators. His latest dinner fête with Ye and a white supremacist should be enough to disqualify him from seeking a return to the Oval Office.

Slowly the wheels of justice are creaking along and even the Supreme Court surprised us with a decision denying Trump’s request to block a congressional committee from getting his tax returns. Moreover, some GOP leaders and former Vice President Pence have rebuked his dinner with an unrepentant Holocaust denier and it’s hard to think of anything more reprehensible.

At this rate of rejection and missteps with plenty of time for more, Trump may self-destruct before we get a chance to toss him in the dustbin of history where he belongs.

You know the jig is nearing an end for Trump when Sen. Mitch McConnell says “there is no room in the Republican Party for anti-Semitism or white supremacy,” in chastising him for meeting with Nick Fuentes, who accompanied Ye to the Florida resort.

None of this means anything unless it metastasizes to an extent that Trump is completely debilitated and rendered politically null and void. And as he exits from the electoral arena he can take Rep. Kevin McCarthy with him down the yellow brick road to Dr. Oz’s redoubt.

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