Porcelain Message Scented Oil Candles by Errbshop $60 for 5oz $90 for 12oz & $150 for the 24oz In the perfect easy to pour holder, this candle produces a rich oil that nourishes the body and is sensual to the skin. Choose from Santal, Oud, Original, Grapefruit, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Rose/Sage scents! www.errbshop.com 

Pomelo Incense by Black Dahlia $ (buy on website) With notes of currant, bergamot and Himalayan salt, this CBD infused incense vaporizes for aromatherapeutic benefits. Try Sandalwood, Chamomile & Cypress too! www.blackdahlia.co 

Autumn Lodge by Lit Lab Co $39 All-natural soy wax candle that smells like a holiday in a jar. It is ridiculously delicious! Do not try to eat it though! www.litlab.com 

Balsam Mahogany by Cue Company $30 This candle has a rich holiday scent, burns about 40 hours and is made in the USA. www.cuecompany.com 

Sacred Space Candle by DollyMoo $24 Hand-mixed ingredients of all-natural soy wax, essential/fragrance oil blend and red sandalwood come together to create a candle that is made to ground your spirit in your space. www.dollymoo.com 

Travel Message Oil Candle + CBD $36 6oz These travel size message candles in tins come in delicious fragrances like grapefruit, rose/sage, eucalyptus, and lavender. They make any message better! www.errbshop.com 

Essex Candle by Yasaf, Lit $48 Over 50 hours of burn time from this candle from a Black-owned business that smells of fresh balsam, sweet jasmine, patchouli and neroli. www.yasaflit.com   

Alchemy Inspiratio by Black Dahlia $(buy at website) Aromatic, CBD-infused candle made with all natural waxes in the USA. It envelopes you with a warm relaxing scent. Perfect for holiday events! www.blackdahlia.co 

St. Nicholas Luxury Candle by Harlem Candle Company $48 With the scents of gingerbread and holiday spice, this candle is a holiday treat that is supporting a local business. www.harlemcandlecompany.com 

100% Bees Wax handmade Pillar Candle By Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm $20 This beautiful candle is made by a Black-owned family business and has a clean burn. www.zachandzoe.co 

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