ALWAYS ask your doctor first before using or taking any health item or non-prescribed remedy. What is amazing for some can be dangerous for others.

Blisslets by Bliss Bracelets $29.99 LLC Fashion-forward acupressure bracelets for nausea relief. Contain natural rubber latex. 

Probiotics & Postbiotics: gut, brain & immune system support by Plantwise $40 With 125 billion CFU, 12 DNA-verified probiotic strains, two tyndallized probiotic strains and prebiotic fiber. 

Immune Prime by Plantwise $44 With so many people traveling for the holidays on public transportation, these supplements contain vitamins, zinc, elderberry, selenium, hemp extract and other ingredients to boost the body. 

Super Botanical High Heel Patches by Stella Via $16 White Willow bark extract, arnica, vitamin B and black pepper extract all come together with hemp oil extract in patches to help fix feet that are in pain from holiday heels! 

Breathe Easy Salve Cold-Sinus-Headache by DollyMoo $14 Female-owned company in New Jersey makes this amazing salve for the whole family that works wonders! 

UB Full Spectrum Enhanced CBG 5:1 Tincture Plus Anti-Inflammatory Recovery Orange/Cinnamon by UB Real LLC $96 Tested on patients with arthritis and they found healing relief! 

Hibiscus White Tea Rose Quartz Gua Sha by ESW Beauty $25 Facial massage tool to boost circulation made with beautiful rose quartz. 

Bee Pollen by Savannah Bee Company $24 Nature’s power food promotes wellbeing with vitamins and minerals. 

Healing Lotion by Franny’s Farmacy $50 Certified organic ingredients that you can pronounce that heal life’s little ouchies. 

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