The holidays are once again upon us. This means finding the perfect presents for family and friends. This year we are all conscious of cost. The gift guide has been curated to showcase products big and small, merry and bright, educational and sensational, for those very young and those older, and items that can relax and renew our spirit. 

As the guide reflects society around us, this year for the first time we have a CBD section and a section on health products. Picking gifts that repair and revitalize, moisturize and heal, and unwind us and keep people calm in the flurry of activity we all partake in, was important. Happy and healthy holidays are a wish we have for everyone. 

As you dispose of toys that your kids no longer play with, please consider donating them to charity. Many groups like shelters will take toys that are in good condition. This teaches young people the gift of helping others. Winter coats are also a great item to donate.

Get creative with gifts! They can be funny and not cost much money. Make some cookies and put them in tins. Give certificates to do chores like babysit and clean the house. Donate hours to a charity of a gift recipient’s choice.

While many companies on this list contributed to charity, some toy companies this year donated in multiple instances. Hasbro, Jazwares, Spin Master, BitOGenius, NSI International and Basic Fun each gave to groups that needed toys for kids who were going through very hard times. 

The prices on the below list may vary depending on when you shop and where you purchase products. Look for deals running on websites and sales on Amazon. Pixicade on this list is buy one/get one half off on their website. Gift certificates almost always are received very well. Remember to order in time for your holiday if you are getting presents online!

Most of all, have fun while getting gifts for others! Be present while purchasing your presents.

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