President Donald Trump

Please excuse our gloating over the oodles of recent setbacks for Trump, and what we wouldn’t give for his finally being nailed and cited with criminal charges.

This past week, we witnessed that his circle of reaction is under siege on several vital fronts: The Jan. 6 House Select Committee has decided to make criminal referrals to the Department of Justice about his involvement in the insurrection; the Trump Organization was found guilty on 17 counts of criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records; Trump’s endorsement of Herschel Walker in the Georgia senate runoff election flopped; and among several self-inflicting wounds, Trump has called for suspension of the Constitution.

The latter item is just another gambit on his part to nullify the nation’s democratic process, which was egregiously attempted in the uprising on Jan. 6. What next for a man fuming with discontent, maddened by exasperation and defeat? It’s good to see a bit of concern from the GOP leadership, although that’s hardly enough to deny his presidential bid in 2024, at least not yet.

Let us hope that he continues on this streak of governmental, judicial and personal setbacks that could lead to criminal convictions. That’s a consummation devoutly to be wished, to paraphrase a Shakespearean quotation.  

We are well aware of the difficulty of personally blaming him for the insurrection and the tax evasions and of securing a consistent march to justice by the Justice Department. But ah, “perchance to dream,” resorting once more to the Bard.

Trump has been America’s nightmare, one that may haunt us much longer than humanly possible. The only realistically possible resolution of our problems may come from the GOP, but what can we expect from a horde of politicians who can’t even express sentiments for the death of an officer on Capitol Hill during the uprising?

Our quandary is like our determination to keep Trump off-balance: something already readily evident.

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