Paint with Water Magic and Merry Christmas by Jenny Copper with Illustrations by Rachael McLean 3+ Imagine That Publishing Ltd Book $12.99 Holiday book includes paintbrush to do artistic holiday works that only take water! 

Little Loon Finds His Voice by Yvonne Pearson with pictures by Regina Shklovshy 2+ The Collective Book Studio $17.95 A loving story about brave little Loon and his father. 

The Underground Railroad on Long Island Friends in Freedom by Kathleen G. Velsor 10+ The History Press $19.99 Understand how Long Island played a part in the historic underground railroad.

The Magical Unicorn Society: Unicorns, Myths and Monsters compiled by May Shaw and published by Michael Omara Books Limited £9.99 Eight enchanting tales of mythical and magical beings, including unicorns. 

My Epic Life Daily Word Workout: 180 Ways to Train Your Brain For An Epic Day by Mrs. Wordsmith 5+ $24.95 The book is a curriculum that is fun and creative.  

A History Lovers Guide to New York City by Alison Fortier 10+ Published by The History Press $21.99 Learn all about NYC’s amazing history and tour the city in a whole new way! 

Meet Claudie by Brit Bennett published by American Girl $16.99 Learn all about the latest American Girl historical doll from the New York Times best-selling author. It takes place in Harlem 100 years ago and delves into the legendary art scene.

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