Meticulous Complete Bundle from UB Super $265 This skintastic bundle includes Anti-Inflammatory Molecular Repair Cream, Ultra-Lift Revitalizing Eye Cream, Advanced Hydrating Moisturizer and Antioxidant Defense Serum. The gift pack is designed to repair the effects of daily environmental exposures. 

Raw Juice Cleanse Mask Set by ESW Beauty $8 Five different Organic Vegan Plant Based Milk Masks by ESW $8 each Avocado Banana Milk hydrating mask, Matcha Almond Milk radiance mask or Vanilla Oat Milk nourishing mask soothe the skin while providing moisture. A women-owned business. 

Synony Hemp Eye Serum by Innocan Pharma $29.99 The serum reduces puffiness and revitalizes the skin around the eye. 

KDara Lavender Full Spectrum CBD Shea Body Butter (purchase on website) fantastic for feet and elbows! The company is owned by brilliant Black women. 

Botanical Hand Care Set by Brown Butter Beauty $85 Moisturizing and fragrant set featuring Thieves Essential Oil 3 pieces—soap, cleansing spray and their hand balm. 

Relief Warming Salve Jar by Astraea & Co $59.96 This CBD based salve moisturizes while it can heal muscle and joint pain. Always ask a doctor before using for a medical condition. EVERY person we tested this on felt better from this natural salve made with love in NJ! 

Never Thirsty Moisturizer by Pierre Performance $30 This moisturizer refreshes tired dry chalky skin! 

Brave Smooth and Clear Aftershave by Yelle Skin Care $30 Control oil and hydrate skin while reducing pore size with this dynamic aftershave!

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