Got 2 Glow Fairy Baby Finder 5+ WowWee $24.99 The Got2Glow Baby Fairy Finder in a smaller size lights up as it detects virtual baby fairies around kids, follow the lights, sounds, and directions on screen to find all the baby fairies! 

Nano Real Bugs 3+ HexBug $24.99 Scare everyone with these realistic robotic insects that scurry with vibration technology. 

3Doodler Start + 6+ WobbleWorks $49.99 Each creative kit contains 1 3Dooodler pen, 72 color strands, one doodle pad and 10 activities. Make wild 3D objects from this easy-to-use pen.  

EchoDot Kids Owl 3-12yrs Amazon $59.99 This smart speaker with Alexa can play music, tell stories and even help with homework! It includes one year of Amazon Kids+. It is easy to use with strong parental controls. 

Boanaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke 2022 Microphone $210 We can sing the praise of this Bluetooth wireless microphone that comes with a case. It is great for holidays and family celebrations. 

Pixicade Quest 10+ BitOGenius $29.99 Make multilevel video games with this award-winning STEAM certified kit. It has everything that you need to develop exciting multi-level video games and then play them on a device. Game creation that is a sensation with older gamers on your list! 

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet 3+ Amazon $54.99 The 7” tablet has content through Amazon Kids+, 16GB and a touchscreen. With up to 10 hours of battery life, kids can use it on trips. This is affordable fun tech! 

Battle Bots Arena Max 8+ HexBug $119.99 Create your bots and the arena for them to spar in. This is a good parent child activity to do together for technical kids. Create and play. 

Galaxy Tab A7 3-7yrs Samsung $129 The 10.4-inch screen, great graphics and Dolby sound are good for gamers! The A7 has solid parental controls and 64MB of built-in storage for pictures, videos and, we hope, homework. This tablet also is tough. The sound and graphics quality lend to books and creative activities that are STEAM. 

Hex Mods Pro Series Elite Raceway 8+ HexBug $99.99 Design and customize your race car with over 150 pieces. Build the track and then race your creation. This will keep kids busy for hours at a time! 

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