African Dwarf Classic Biosphere 7+ Froggys Lair $44.99 The Classic Biosphere comes with two live frogs, tank, sand, food, gravel, instructions, rocks and aquatic plants. The frogs are super easy to care for, teach kids responsibility, are fun for everyone in the family to watch, and are just ridiculously cool. We named the Amsterdam News test frogs, Miss Piggy and Kermit! The Gallon Biosphere has three frogs. $69.99 

Splash Proof Mini Hip Pack by Aloha Collection $42.00 Look hip with this fanny pack with 5% of profits going to Hawaii conservation organizations. 

Roam Portable Speaker by Sonos $179 Clear lightweight speaker with 10-hour battery life and a choice of five colors. 

Panoramic Las Vegas Puzzle by Master Pieces $19.99 1,000 pieces that are eco-friendly and show the famous Las Vegas Strip from Mandalay Bay. 

Air Tag 4 Pack by Apple $95 Have your teen or tween put the tags on things they lose like keys, phones, or luggage so they can find them quickly. 

Flare Light-Up Makeup Brush by Centric Beauty LLC $29.98 This innovative light up makeup brush has soft multiple heads for great application in any lighting! 

Rabble 17+ Rabble Media LLC $29.99 In this exciting game, friends must guess your team’s Rabble cards as quickly as possible. Play challenge cards to slow other teams down! 

Moon Oil infused with moonstones by Dollymoo $24 This oil smells rich and warm without being adult and perfumy. It is a great gift for a younger person or for an older one as well! Try Evil Eye Perfume Oil as well! $26 

27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor by Dell $299.99 Amazing clarity from a curved 27-inch panel to game on. The display resolution of 2560 x 1440 165 Hz refresh rate leads to immersive play! 

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke 2022 Microphone by Bonaok $210.99 Bluetooth wireless microphone for karaoke that is clear and easy to use. Teens can sing “Joy to the World” with this!

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  1. It is appalling that you would include Froggy’s Lair death traps on your list. That product equals animal abuse and has ZERO educational value. Their care instructions lead to starvation and death, the container is too small and the “bio active sand” is not able to effectively remove harmful chemical compounds. I know because I tested the water! So many children end up traumatized by this product. Get it off your list! FROGS ARE NOT TOYS and people shouldn’t be teaching kids how to abuse animals! You should be ashamed of yourself!

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