Rebirth of a New Nation: Out of the dark, there’s a light that glows. Something has been brewing up for a while since 2018. The unforeseen abrupt change is occurring. Be mindful of the food you eat and the people you allow into your environment. The details have been given and are now being revealed right in your face. Health issues are on the rise mainly for elders, children; within social groups, workplaces and other functions. Use the natural mineral resources from the earth such as oils, herbs, plants, crystals, foods, clothing, etc., to protect yourself. Most importantly, it’s your beliefs and the thoughts on your mind that attract your reality. Toward the end of December, it’s time to release those unusual behaviors and circumstances that you are comfortable with that don’t align with what you know is right to do. The first step begins in your mind to navigate living a purposeful life. Stomach viruses can be on the rise, as well as unusual headaches, cravings and mood swings as the transformations take place. Let it go—it’s time to elevate. Self-destruction is needed to reconstruct and reprogram yourself to be more efficient, like a computer rebooting itself or going through a new upgrade. “Time to time, we have to upgrade ourselves to live a better life.”—Author unknown 

Capricorn: Happy Solar Return around Earth, Cappy! You’re dedicated, staying firm to your agenda when everything is coming at you from every angle, applying pressure only to push you through. This phase is part of your growth for advancement. Position yourself to get things done and get what you need. Rewards and opportunities are dancing at your feet due to your remaining steadfast while setting priorities and boundaries. This cycle week has a favor attached to it that will benefit you, as will meeting new alliances. Be open to change. Dec. 23–24: Make the next six months worth your while, rising like a phoenix from the ashes. 

Aquarius: A tug here and there, to get you uncomfortable to keep you in safe mode, is knocking at your door to move forward on a new accord. It’s time to put some more skin in the game on a new level with results. There is a lot going on in the background, be it a project almost complete, changes in your fixed ways and that burning desire to address an issue at heart. Old and new business news is resurfacing; remain solid through it all and take accountability for the role you played. Dec. 25–26: Time can be shaky, yet your faith is what keeps you sane. 

Pisces: The glow-up isn’t all that glittery, gold and sparkling when you don’t have the right support or folks in your corner. Have a pep talk with yourself. Deep inside, you’ve been contemplating something or need a quick decision. This decision will change the direction of your course based on your belief. Spread the word and do what’s in your best interest at heart. Don’t fall for the okie-doke. Dec. 27–28: Pick up the phone, check the voicemail, reply to the text, review and revise any changes that don’t fit the bill or are not in alignment with what was agreed upon.

Aries: Your health is important this week. This is a lead-up to numerous things due to you being here, there, traveling and not taking time for rest or for your health. Symptoms such as inflammation, soreness, your ears, nose, throat or a few chest pains are popping up like the “check engine light” on your vehicle. Schedule a doctor’s appointment; include a spa day to just relax in peace. The clues you’ve been seeing aren’t clues anymore; it’s right in your face like the front door. Dec. 29–30: What is meant for you is meant for you; there are no accidents in the universe. Everything has a purpose.

Taurus: You got this—be brave enough to take the lead no matter what, who, where, when stand in your way. Your sign is the bull; not too many folks can pass by the bull. Decide on the direction you want to build within your community and other committees. The add-on to the blueprint is necessary at this point in the game. Your guardian angels are backing you up and delivering you the 411 to carry on the mission. Be a help to someone in some way or vice versa. Two minds can be better than one, but sometimes you have to work alone to get things done that are tedious. Dec. 23–24: Live in the moment and take your chances with an opportunity that comes your way or where you are providing the opportunity. 

Gemini: There is a lot of backwardness and backtracking your steps to ensure what you are planning is coming together. Some things may backfire on you, especially if the person or thing on the receiving end isn’t responding. This causes a change in your plans and direction. Don’t sit around and wait for it to happen—you make it happen. It’s a reason, the same reason why you are planning what you are planning. Dec. 25–26: Things are up in the air until you or something forces you to make a decision to bust a move. Be careful of how you treat people and the things you do to people. 

Cancer: Living the dream life until something shakes your world up or something hits you where you are thinking about your future. Sudden changes come up, be it remodeling your home, relocating, fixing the furnace, painting your home, changing your appearance or weeding out old stuff. What investment have you made for self and the ones you invest your time in? Go ahead and think about it. It’s time to build on what you already know and have. Dec. 27–28: Why go low when you can swing higher and knock the ball out the park?

Leo: Change, travel, transformation, solitude is written all over your face and schedule. It’s time for you to go in a new direction, especially if you notice the revolving door cycles, scenarios, singing the same tune. Be still and you will see for yourself without playing a role for more understanding. Pressure is applied more on the mental and physical levels to advance yourself, leaving nothing up in the air. You need to nip things in the bud and stand firm. Dec. 29–30: What’s it going to be? Remember: “If it’s to be, then it’s up to me.” 

Virgo: The things you engage in this week will only mirror back what you do, and it may make you feel some type of way. Be wise with your choice of words and how you deliver them to certain audiences, crowds, friends, family members, associates, etc. This is a wait-and-see week as information is revealed in the slowest ways possible where you begin to question yourself. Review any contracts, offers, publishing, and seek counsel as needed. Women will play a significant role this week with information you need. You may need to convey a message to someone as well. Dec. 23–24: Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. 

Libra: Figure out what it is that you want to do, then put it into motion. No need to wait, just bust a move. What is your faith, as destiny plays a role behind the scenes? First and foremost, be honest with your intentions because things can backfire on you. Connect and partner up with your peers, especially your elders, to plan an event, meeting, discussion, tea party, etc., to shed light on certain issues. Dec. 25–26: Be the first to do what most people wouldn’t do. 

Scorpio: Going old-school only to bring you up to speed with the new 411 on how things are done. Attending an event, planning an event or a roundtable discussion is in your forecast, as is mainly following your heart to surrender to what no longer serves a purpose. Submit to your higher calling and you find meaning in your life this cycle. In the background, hidden messages and signs were there all along, like a picture on the wall you just now notice. Dec. 27–28: Understanding your root and the foundation you stand on gives you insight into the now. 

Sagittarius: Do what needs to be done for your best interest. You are the help this week, as sudden change is occurring at an awkward time. Go with the flow as certain messages need to be related as you are out on the go running errands. Ensure you speak the exact word in your heart and do what you say you are going to do. Enough is enough and you put up a great fight to resist, and now it’s your choice. It’s been weighing you down or elevating you. Dec. 29–30: Listen in silence as information is revealed to you in more ways than you know.

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