Rebirth of a New Nation: 2023 is the bridge after the gates were opened in 2022. What used to be a secret is no longer a secret, it’s right in your face. Smile! 2023 (2+0+2+3 =7) adds up to a 7 universal year. There are two twos, one zero and one three indicating a year to have faith in your plans while applying the footwork. You are the main event, the star in the play. Partnerships, self-awareness, truth-seeking, seminars, bridging the gap from the 6 year (2022), connecting the dots to make it make sense. Consider a sabbatical, leave from work or a retreat for a few weeks/months to rejuvenate and handle personal affairs. Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn at 24 degrees on Dec. 29, 2022 until January 17, 2023, jogging your memory of old and new while reconstructing your established perspective on life. It’s time to dedicate your life to a more spiritual purpose, finding out who you are, your roots of origin. The question “Why” will frequently come up for you to research the stories that have been told and find the origin close to it for comparison. “Never forget where we came from and always praise the bridge that carries us over.” Fannie Lou Hamer

Capricorn: 2023 has much in store for you that will change the course of your life. Pluto’s transit peaked in Capricorn March 2008 before officially entering your sign later that year in November of 2008. A 15-year cycle as Pluto does one more dance from June until January 2024, making it 16 years. Reflect on the changes that occurred, accomplishments, relationships, careers choices in your life and what is happening now that is coming to a completion. This will be the energy that pushes you to higher growth and advancements. Dec. 31-Jan. 2, enjoy what 2023 has to offer you while climbing the mountain.  

Aquarius: Don’t fight against the grind, stay the course of your path and develop new ways to stay relevant. This is a cycle of major change within your spheres of siblings, personal health, family members or close associates, and your personal growth as far as your reputation. If you are dealing with the public, be mindful of the words you choose and your actions. Don’t contradict what needs to be conveyed, just say it. Jan. 3-5: be yourself.

Pisces: Something new is on the rise or ready to view. Now you discover a new part of you by going through the process; you learn a valuable lesson regarding time, so be patient to see results. It’s time to start building a new foundation and get out of your own way to get it done. A significant woman may play a role in your life at this time for counsel. Listen carefully and be mindful of what you ask for. Days leading up to Jan. 6, acknowledge what you feel.   

Aries: Can you say Wala magic: you have awakened from a deep slumber this month to realize your own gifts and areas of focus to work on. What an illusion life can be, making things feel real. Things are real when you believe then act upon them making it your reality. January is a month of revelation and deep concentration on your growth. Chiron is in Aries, assisting you to heal deep wounds buried deep within, to rebirth and begin initiation on a new journey. Dec. 29-30, follow the clues, hunches, hints and thoroughly investigate the details, like doing research on a brand or label. 

Taurus: On your march get set go: October 2022 was a pivotal change in your life as far as your work while networking with others. Gather all the notes and build off what you have as more information will come and sudden meetings occur upon your arrival. Be mindful; some people have an agenda or scheme, wanting to fit you in their program. Follow your own agenda and don’t be blindsided by the looks of things and the sweet intelligent conversation that knocks your socks off and gets your heart singing. Dec. 31-Jan. 2, keep your eyes peeled. 

Gemini: It’s showtime as Mars in Gemini goes direct on Jan. 12 at 8 degrees, ushering in clarity. Reflect on the time of Sept. 4 through Oct. 30 for the rewind play that’s going to launch in January 2023; then reflect on Oct. 30, 2022 through Jan. 12, 2023 as to what is happening during this time in your life. All this was part of your growth, shedding old ways to be more authentic in your path on a new accord to position yourself. Jan. 3-5, what’s the 411 ringing in your ears or conversation brewing up? It’s time to release and break free. 

Cancer: In 2023 it’s time to cut your losses, follow your dreams, be honest with yourself, take accountability of your actions and do for yourself. What is the burning desire in your heart? What do you want to do in life? As your mind drifts in and out, initiate the first step to prepare you for the journey arriving in May. You saw this coming, so begin now by taking the lead of your affairs and depending on your own resources to get you by. Days leading up to Jan. 6, tough love will be given with a splash of inspiration to toughen you up to fly on your terms.

Leo: After you pass step 123, 456 comes, then you must choose what decisions need to be made for your higher self. Life isn’t fair as we want to enjoy all the amenities life has to offer while co-existing in the physical world. There is a bridge we must cross to continue the path to see more of life. There are many levels in life with great rewards which become a lifestyle and a success story. Dec. 29-30 sees you gazing upon a star, finding your place in the constellation. 

Virgo: Can you say “beep beep, rewind what you just stated.” Some people are oblivious to knowledge, as they do not know any better or have not researched for themselves. January sees you on another deep dive study recovering more information. The deeper you travel down the study hall to visit libraries and sacred sites the more you are equipped to share your knowledge. This may be cause for another study session. Dec. 31-Jan. 3, take a mental break to digest the information.

Libra: 2022 was a year of something you’ve been dreaming of doing with recognition and networking. Hard work pays off when you apply yourself. In 2023 the energy is not the same. It’s time to push the envelope a bit, like upping your ante on a bet. A cycle to roll up your sleeves, snap your suspenders in place, tie up your shoelaces, and get to work. You must lay the foundation, in a way where you are not backing down if someone one day tries to move your car over there. Jan. 3-5: it’s time to stand your ground with a bit of weight on it.  

Scorpio: At times your eyes say enough without asking how you are doing. You’ve been through some amazing quests, and some not so bright. There is a balance in the universe as some things are meant to hang around for a lifetime and some aren’t. Enjoy life in 2023 as it will shed light in your world, with a lot of interaction with the physical and spiritual realm entities. In January concentration is needed as you birth a new concept as an addition to your work. Days leading up to Jan. 6, simply live and learn. 

Sagittarius: The year 2023 has more in store even though it feels like another day in the park, yet with a different frequency. Claim 2023 as a new chapter in your life with new toys to play with for entertainment and enlightening the minds of the people. Pay attention to signs, symbols, details, information; the conversation you engage in hold key news towards the end of month. Dec. 29-30, you are thinking of a mastermind plan for the next eight years to come; have fun building your palace.

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