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  1. Grand jerk is what Jefferies is. What was his reason for calling Mara..Logo “inmature” during an acceptance speech? There is so much we all can say about Obama, Biden that’s inmature..but that wasnt the time. Jefferies shows his ‘whaah’ side of inmaturity himself. Talk about “inmaturity,” there it is in abundance bleeding out of Jefferies! GLAD to get rid of that “control freak” Pelosi’s iron fist..who never listened to the people, never appt any over-sight of what the President was doing. She didnt do the people any good, just for herself, lining her pockets! Jefferies speech proves the control, lack of peoples voice and imnaturity the Dem House has had and how much they ignore the American people’s ideas! Good ridence, pelosi and Especially Jefferies..whaahhh

    1. Comments like this make me sick.
      Totally biased and blinkered.
      Whether you’re left or right, you cannot deny that Jeffries has a big future ahead of him.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if a vote to oust McCarthy is proposed within weeks.

      1. I agree. Just jealousy, I guess. Crying about being a crybaby, yes, that’s projection for sure. I found Jeffries’ speech very positive and uplifting, strong and forward looking and I expect him to have a long and distinguished career as a uniter. As opposed to the former “Republican” Party who has no policy and no consensus even within their own caucus. After Jeffries’ speech, I was so wishing that he was our speaker and not that spineless glob of glue in the shape of a man. But we’re stuck with McCarthy for the next two years (or until he gets ousted by his own party) and we all have to resign ourselves to more division compliments of those far right extremists that bought pieces of McCarthy’s soul.

    2. Men! Have been in coma? That was an outstanding speech. I bet you are jealous that GOP member has the gravitas, precedence, currency or propensity to put words together like that talk more or else of delivering with such zest and gusto. The speech was powerful, well rounded and oratorial in its delivery. it is wordy of be turned into a song.

    3. I can only pray for you and that circus of Republicans this week. Hakeem hit the nail on the head in his speech and the Democrats demonstrated a peaceful transfer.

  2. Jeffries speech was mild to referring to immigrants as rapists. Jeffries gave a fact about Kevin and Maralogo instead of investigating Jan 6. McCarthy is delusional and hypocrrtal as he talks about the love of the statues in the rotunda as he votes not to have an outside investigation on the Jan 6 investigation and elevates representative allegedly involved in the insurrection. How weak was it to give Trump credit for helping you win the Speakership at any cost and try to ignore the fact he accused Trump for being responsible for Jan 6 and change your criticism of Trump for not sending hrlp when Kevin asked for help on from him on January 6. McCarthy is grand disgusting hypocrite and coward that failed to hold his colleagues accountable and Trump lying about election fraud, fake electors, Oh and silence about Santos because you needed his vote.

  3. Wondering where Daxann has been.
    It was not an acceptance speech. It was speech for the PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER from one majority to the next!
    You call that immature?
    Shame, shame, and shame again!

  4. Don’t be jealous Jeffries speech was awesome, Kevin gave away everything but the kitchen sink and could never come up with a speech that inspiring. Kevin needs to truly worry how long with only one person calling for the speaker to vacate the seat, how long he will even be speaker they literally cannot stand Kevin so he needs to watch his back at all times. It just doesn’t pay to be a foot stool for Trump but he is going to find out very soon. For trump is for trump alone no one else‼️

  5. As disgusting as it was how quickly Kevin flipped in his attitude towards Donald’s responsibility of the 2021 violent mob that resulted in deaths and put the lives of many in danger, including Kevin’s, it also begs the question…”How guilty were Kevin’s actions regarding ‘The big lie’…how much dirt does Donald have on Kevin?”

  6. Great speech! So timely and inspirational–this is what we all need! Let’s work together and make it all better. Democrats are showing the way with great leadership! God bless 🙏

  7. Jeffries speach was so arrogant of him self and the democratic party . He acted as if was his acceptance speach for something he wished he had won. He just another democratic that thinks the American people owes him something. We owe him nothing along with other blacks who thinks just because they’re black that they won something. I had rather win something that deserved and not because I am the 1st black. To me that’s the same as saying bless his heart.

  8. Jeffries gave a truthful and inspiring speech. I’m sure the GOP was absolutely green with envy. I only hope ALL of America responds to his demands for Peaceful Transfers of Powers, and not people who think they, and they alone, have ANY right to throw out the majority 9f American votes. If GOP continues to go down this path, they will NEVER win another election. As McConnell advised, candidate selection and Plans mean everything. Remember, we, Americans, voted in Biden KNOWING his plan was expensive as he told us, because he had a Plan and the honesty to outline it up front. We accepted that, and voted for it…rather than for someone who began an Insurrection against our Gov’t. That says it all.

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