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SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia school district is being sued by students who say they were barred from wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts to school events while their white peers regularly wear shirts printed with Confederate flags.

The lawsuit was filed last week in U.S. District Court against school administrators in Effingham County. It says the district’s unfair application of its dress code is part of a broader pattern of discrimination and “deliberate indifference to acts of racial animosity” that violate the civil rights of Black students.

School administrators in Effingham County have cited a districtwide policy prohibiting clothing that “may contribute to disruption,” the lawsuit says, to keep students from wearing Black Lives Matter shirts.

One of the student plaintiffs was denied entry to a high school football game because she wore a Black Lives Matter shirt, the lawsuit said. It alleges that white students in the school district regularly wear shirts printed with Confederate flags.

Effingham County School Superintendent Yancy Ford said in a statement to news outlets that the district had not yet been served with the lawsuit. He said any response to its claims would be made in court.

The lawsuit lists as plaintiffs three unnamed Black teenagers who attend high school in Effingham County, where 65,000 people live in rural and suburban communities west of Savannah. The complaint was filed by the mother of one of the teens acting as their attorney.

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  1. This is what happens when White America continues to white-wash and ban the teaching of 400+ years of American history as it relates to the deprave, barbaric and systematic hate and discrimination of Black people in America.

    Since White America has adopted Europe’s history as American history, passed laws for the mandatory teaching of Europe’s history and proclaimed Europe’s history to be the world’s greatest tragedy (tens of millions of Africans/Black people, as well as millions of others around the world have been victims of genocide/ethnic cleansing), White America will attack, demonize, criminalize and label Black Americans as devisive, antisemitic, anti-american and promoting hate speech for telling the truth about real American history, including attacking positive messages meant to uplift our Black people.

  2. I agree, I felt very unwelcome substituting in this school district, not matter how “nice” the folks in the admin building were. This district needed subs so bad they eventually had to subcontract it out as “they couldn’t get the job done”. BLM, kneeling and other forms of public activism as freedom of speech was “normalized” in particular after George Floyd and Colin Kaepernick.

  3. America continues to glorify and honor the kkk and the confederacy with statues, monuments, streets and military bases named after them. They even created stone mountain to honor the kkk, as well as have a statute or two of Confederate soldiers in the united states capital building. Not to mention the Confederate flag is proudly flown around the country.

    But the words Black Lives Matter is a threat? Black people kneeling to protest the police’ traditional killing and brutalization of Black people, including Black kids, is a threat, it’s anti American and anti military?

    Black men have fought in every war since the revolutionary war of 1775.

    Black people, stay WOKE! Being woke is a battle cry for Black people to learn about our more then 400 year history in this country, and quickly identify and call out the systematic hate and discrimination of our people. It has nothing to do with alternative lifestyles or anything else “they” have attached to it.

    Nothing “they” fear more is the truth being told.

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