Rebirth of a New Nation: Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for landing as Mars in Gemini at 8-degrees stations direct on January 12th. Mercury in Capricorn at 8-degree stations direct on January 18, and finally Uranus in Taurus at 14 degrees, the planet of ancient unorthodox hard-knock lessons, stations direct on January 22. That’s a powerful concoction of a bumpy ride, turbulence, power struggle, power outage, electrical issues, gusty winds blowing in all directions, static in your tv, radio, etc. Communications on all levels are sending mixed signals. The messages aren’t clear. A time to take your time, go within, get grounded, and listen carefully, jotting down the downloads and upgrades. Take notes of clues and hunches, and pay attention to what’s in the background. Keep it moving as this is a fast curveball. The appetizer is the teaser, the main course is what satisfies your soul, and the dessert is up to you. January requires your strengths, concentration, and willpower, to make it happen. Certain test runs will show up during this week in your relationships, whether they be they personal, business, emotionally, mentally, financial, etc. is up in the air, not a definite answer.  “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point”. C.S. Lewis 

Capricorn: What a mystical month as information pops up and people keep making reappearance out of the blue. A weekly cycle to conquer by taking the lead like a warrior initiating a new beginning. Cappy, plan accordingly and follow through on your agenda, not letting no one stand in your way or distract you. Speak truth to power and lead by example. Seek and you shall find. Allow information to come to you.  Do a great deed as remuneration is in effect in due time. Jan 10th-12th a silent metamorphosis is brewing up. Stay focused and do you.

Aquarius: Solving the pieces to the puzzle can be played like a game of wheel of fortune. Once you start filing in the blanks it’s time to solve the puzzle. This month, apply the footwork to get what needs to be done, and weed out the gossip; it’s contagious like a virus that plays “ring around the rosie”. You have opportunities available and help from family, friends, associates to flourish.  January 13th-15th, it’s all in the feelings that receive the blessing. Get with the program. 

Pisces: To see progress, you need to ride this out to see it through by month ends. Live in the feeling, nurturing and genuine state of the mind to see the truth message. Certain information is being communicated be it telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry etc. Hug yourself as you go about your daily aspects. Partnerships is a theme this cycle as you are surrounded by influential people mainly women sharing advice or assisting you.  January 16th-17th you see the bigger picture now. 

Aries: January you definitely have bases loaded sending all team members home fulfilling obligations making a touchdown, slam dunk, hitting the ball out the park. It’s time to walk it like you talk it and come through. Celebrate, as you applied skin and sweat in the game, or now is the time to start building the dream you envision. Days leading up to Jan. 18th check in on your feelings and be in the present moment. There is a solid lesson in disguise: don’t resist going with the flow. 

Taurus: Spread the word and keep the faith. Promote, advertise, engage with your audience, family, friends, associates, as this is a busy and public cycle. A conversationalist week for round table discussions, meetups, conference calls, interviews, checking voicemails and emails, public appearances and gathering of the facts to build with like-minded individuals. Get the word out like a worldwide mandate order.  January 12th, as you go about your day, new profound ideas will be the piece to your craft to make it a finished product or the missing link. Sometimes we need to revert to old ways to find the answers to the new ways like old math.

Gemini: The unanticipated turn of events happened at a moment’s notice where swift action is necessary. Whatever truth needs to be brought into light has its ways of revealing itself in the darndest ways. This is a cycle to dig deep into issues that occurred in your childhood, as flashes of insight from your childhood brings back certain memories for understanding or clues to the present. Those odd feelings and moments occurring this week can catch you off guard and change your mood. Question yourself in the midst of it and ask yourself what, why, when, where, who to discover the answer. January 13th-15th, watch the movie play out as Mars goes direct on January 12th. What did you do over the summer/autumn season and last February and November of 2022?

Cancer: What new adventure are you ready to go toe to toe with to see it through? It’s time to learn a new way to survive and live. This year is the end of something coming to a head, and decisions need to be made to manifest. What’s the dream you hold dear to your heart, like a hoarder holding onto items for dear life? Something got to give, including your old ways that keep you stuck, jammed, trapped in four walls as you adjust to its comfortableness. It’s time to get uncomfortable, like learning how to drive or swim and catch your own fish. January 16th-17th, change is brewing like a coffee pot steaming. 

Leo: How spiritually in tune can you get as destiny, fate and the ancestors play a role this week, giving you access to secret pathways to information? What you thought was a secret was in your face the whole time. Your frequency is now matching the energy to understand. Things can get a little spooky at times as the plot of the story plays out. People do and say the darndest. Actions speak with volume. In this case it’s the details like the clue in the picture. Days leading up to Jan. 18th, time to go on a Scooby Doo mystery hunt. 

Virgo: The truth always has its way of revealing itself at an appointed time. Your mission is to keep building your foundation, as the adventure doesn’t stop due to life being full of invaluable information. The new information you discover is like finding a rare diamond in the ground. Pay attention to your health, mainly your respiratory system, ankles, lower and upper back. January 12th, now that you have the outline, the paper is due. 

Libra: Knock knock, Who’s there? Look who’s talking. This year you need to build muscle strength for all the air that’s mentally blowing you a challenge. January focuses on quick change with unexpected visits, making short runs here and there. The seeds you planted finally have some people talking through the grapevines spreading your messages. This week isn’t an easy task as we are all tested at our highest and weakest moment to see if we are ready for advancement or have outgrown certain habits, patterns, and situations. January 13th-15th, the clock is ticking like an offer up. 

Scorpio: Mystical things occur, like an outer body experience, déjà vu, scenes playing out in your dreams’ play by play. Your soul is going through a metamorphosis, repairing, rescripting, and rejuvenating its fate with an upgrade twist. You call it the matrix reloaded. The wake up from a deep sleep that seems like forever finally arrives like a new pair of glasses and you can see clarity now. January 16th-17th, the pressure is on time to get booted and suited to plow through the snow creating a clear path. 

Sagittarius: It’s about the details that you see, affirming your confirmation of your next adventure.  The universe places people and things in your view as hints and clues to paint the picture. You are equipped with the tools, resources, and knowledge to utilize what you have in your possession to create the life you envision. Your belief is enough along with your willpower to follow suit. The evening of January 17th there is no rhyme and reason, it just is how things operate. Nourish yourself with fresh water, fruits, and vegetables. 

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