The Republicans and Trump can warp and woof all they want about the current crisis facing President Biden, particularly as they circle around the discovery of a cache of classified documents. But at least, unlike his predecessor, Biden is willing to cooperate and not run from the oversight.

You wonder what these classified documents are about that are popping up all over the place, marking Biden’s mishandling—and where is his team of lawyers and associates on this issue? This raft of miscues is not only a reflection on Biden but on the team he has assembled, comparable to a gang that can’t think straight.

While we can forgive the aging leader for his gaffe on the lyrics of a birthday song, we are less inclined to brush aside having classified documents stocked in various locations, even though he immediately explained that he was unaware of them and what they contained.

Mistakes like these by corporations are one thing. Fumbling classified documents by the leader of the nation is quite another. Let us hope this is not as bad as the investigation underway into Trump’s documents with the possibility of criminal charges being brought.

As one of the sports channels screamed about terrible errors and bad calls by officials: Come on, man! 

Biden, you can do better than this. It’s bad enough with the House in GOP control without you providing McCarthy and his gang with additional ammunition.

With all this said and done, know that the Beloved Community is behind you, but you have to show a more enlightened and visionary leadership, lest we all stand to lose.

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