Rebirth of a New Nation: Life is a magnificent turn of events, like the magic carpet ride in Aladdin or the evil stepmother in Cinderella. Even when folks are malicious, trying their best to prevent or manipulate something from happening, greatness and divine love rise in their pure form to teach them a lesson. As long as you apply the footwork, you are an unstoppable force to be working with while they figure you out and plan accordingly. This week, put your hip, back, footwork, muscle work, strength, craftsmanship, mind, etc. to work, and do whatever it takes to get you through what you need to get through or accomplish. Allow the new moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus station direct and set you on a new course. “Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Every sunrise begins with new eyes.” —Richie Norton

Capricorn: Take the lead, Cappy, even with the duty of maintaining the home, family, work, business and doing what you love. You are a natural. Balance is essential to your health and connected to your wealth. Don’t take anything to heart. Make everything work and stay with the flow like water, just as you inhale and exhale. The week is unknown where only symbols and signs are showing up for confirmation with patience. Next month, preparation is key, so when people, things or something shows up, you are equipped. The afternoon of January 19 through the evening of the 21st, a slight adventurous experience of a great phenomenon occurs. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Aquarius: Reach within to see what treasure you can find or simply be guided by your passion, not your obsession. A high-frequency week to just be, to allow your silence to be your driving force, to receiving and giving while getting things done. Almost like when you think of calling someone and that person calls. Let nature take its course and you fly above it all. January 21 through mid-rising of the 23rd, partnerships; self-improvements; assisting someone; making public appearances, be it letter, mail, conference, roundtable are themes, to name a few. 

Pisces: The message is much clearer compared to the start of January. Things are adding up like quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies and dollars to make it make sense. As you move forward this weekly cycle, it’s the unknown of the unspoken words that meets more than the eye. Something you can’t measure physically. That’s due to a spiritual connection before the physical meeting. The details are in the presence and the movie scenes are playing out in your mind. January 23–till 1 hour past noon on January 25, everything and anything is possible. You don’t need glasses to see or a hearing aid to hear. 

Aries: One of a kind is one in a million; only one stands out that shines the brightest. What mastermind objective has you meeting a target like never before to get the results you want and more? Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, are you showing up for self to make this voyage come true? When  destiny plays its role, it’s bound to happen. January 25 when the clock strikes 12 minutes till 2 and on the evening of January 27 at 18 minutes until 7 p.m., it’s on like fireworks—everything is working out as it should. Get your mind in the game.

Taurus: There’s a whole lot of commotion and talking going around about you as opportunities find their way to you for another phase of your life. Life gets sweeter and sweeter like a beehive protecting the Queen Bee building an empire. Be as unique organically as you can be, because things expedite like the swiftness of a lightning strike without the thunder effects. No problem, the universe will ensure you have a clear path to get where you are going. On January 19 at 11 minutes past 2 p.m. through January 21 at 29 minutes past 1 p.m., the peak of the transformation is in rotation. Listen carefully and don’t get caught in the crossfire of things. 

Gemini: You are diving into deep water past 9 ft. You learned, saw what you saw and accomplished something. Reflect back on August 20–October 30, 2022, then October 30–January 12, 2023; now the effects of it are playing out to assist you, or you are recognizing that you are the culprit of what’s taking place from January 12 through March 25, 2023. Mars transit in Gemini; you get what you put out, some type of inheritance or going through a deep transformation. Looking back to the transit of the north node in Gemini and south node in Sagittarius from June 4, 2020, to December 23, 2021, of what took place in your life is another aspect to look into for understanding. Mid-day on January 21 after 1 p.m. through January 23 at noon, it is what it is. 

Cancer: Doing your due diligence, you operated in silent mode. Now the light is shining to come out of hiding. Decisions have to be made that will change the direction of your life, mainly in career or starting something new. You feel this new energy within, so take control and get in the driver’s seat. Write yourself a letter, draw out a plan and read it out loud daily with enthusiasm. Understand what occurs during the ride is the part you didn’t see coming, so enjoy the new, improved you. On the afternoon of January 23 till January 25, 48 minutes past 1 o’clock, activate your journey by taking the first step forward.

Leo: A profound alignment of your inner self reflecting the outside is the revolution happening within. You see what time it is and this week, it’s all about adding to the foundation that has already been built into a new direction. The game has been given, yet there are peaks and valleys that must be traveled down for better understanding, similar to connecting to multidimensional worlds and coming back with knowledge to progress forward. The afternoon of January 25 till  January 27, 17 minutes to 7 p.m., the light beam hits differently at certain angles, displaying a phenomenal aura. What is the reflection you see in the mirror? 

Virgo: You notice some backward things brewing up and no, it’s not a coincidence, it is what it looks like. Preparation is key for your advancement, which occurs like going on a hike on the mountain when suddenly you reach one of the amazing peaks. Apply what you know that works and spread your knowledge through a book, enlightening discussion, workshops, etc., to build on your foundation. A week to make history and a breathtaking discovery. January 19 through January 21, 29 minutes after 1 p.m., information pours down like a rain shower. 

Libra: Once you learn part of your origin, that’s a start on your journey toward discovering more information. When you sit still, information will flow to you like rivers flow. The 411 information occurs rapidly. The conversations are short and sweet. It’s all about the details, the tone, sudden meetings and insights, etc., that catch your attention. January 21 through the evening of January 23, allow the information to soak in like a sponge, then apply it. 

Scorpio: The architect of how things operate, you find it in everyday life experience. Sometimes you see it happening among your peers, and that makes you laugh and think about the things that occur in your life and daily aspects. Divine messages are all around you and great rewards are overdue to you this week. Jot down the information from your dreams, messages, discussion as you connect the dots. What seems like a mysterious mystery is right in front of you. January 23 till 48 minutes after 1 p.m. on January 25, a rebirthing process is taking place. 

Sagittarius: It’s time to build and focus on the principle like the pinnacles in your life that tell a story. They are highlights for a certain season that make the outcomes lasting and meaningful on purpose. You are a scholar and you see the bigger picture that needs to be put into play. Your words inspire people to act, learn, research, travel and understand what’s the normalcy of life or the way of life. You have been building for some time and now you are past. Show me it’s time to show yourself and see what you are made of. Aquarius season sparks fire in you to commence a new voyage. January 25–27, what’s more beautiful than to watch the sunrise and sunset, influencing the God/Goddess flame in you?

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