Rebirth of A New Nation: The details this year can have you lost in the midst of finding out something when all you need to do is be still for a few moments. A weekly cycle to let go, and when you let go calm yourself down to be open for the release of the old. Stop holding on to something that’s not assisting you but only holding you back from your mastery. This week, know where you are going even if you don’t have the directions to guide you. Allow faith to be your guide while moving in silence and listen more than you talk. The full moon in Leo at 16 degrees is for you to shine your light on the darkest and brightest of the day, hour, minute, second, etc. Get powered up by the sun as the awakening is occurring within those funny bones in your body. It’s amazing how the number 7 keeps popping up. The year 2023 (2+0+2+3 =7) is a 7 year; the last full moon in Cancer was at 16 (1+6=7) degrees, and so is this moon. Themes associated with this year are laws, legislation updates, partnerships, secrets, revelations, gaining new insights, and your personal gifts (superpowers) are upgraded, then downloaded. Also, things being revealed will continue to be revealed.  “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to every one according to what he has done.” Revelations 22:12 (2+2+1+2=7)
Capricorn: February is a monthly cycle of top-classified hidden knowledge, information, things, and people from your past, present, and future coming into the light. A working progress month to finalize and nip things in the bud and get to the main source of something. Do not take any wooden nickels as an exchange, be straightforward with no poker or joker face, just your realness. Divine forces are clearing the path so enjoy this lesson, experience, and voyage this month. Around 4 p.m. on Feb. 6th till 46 minutes past 4 a.m. on Feb. 9th, the understanding of an assignment presents itself. Patience is a virtue.
Aquarius: Set the tone for this weekly cycle to get things accomplished by writing them down to carry out the mission. Gather all the tools, resources, people, and agendas and schedule a board, office, or family meeting for the details and timing of completion. When you don’t know something, write it down to get back to it and in the meantime, question yourself to receive the answers. Saturn in Aquarius is almost complete, disbursing out the assignment and protocols for the progress forward. You are in the process and by Feb. 9, hints and signs are everywhere.   Pisces: Much is said and much is given, although it seems like we journey alone. There is always someone or something assisting you. It’s best to do what is right from your heart, and not for the money. Look out for scams, illegal events, folks making promises they can’t fulfill, having their hand out like grabbing popcorn or vice versa. This month focuses on your growth and the company you keep in your environment as they reflect you. Besides, financial rewards and help are a blessing this month. From Feb. 1st till the morning hours of Feb. 4, the storyline makes sense. Stay calm and put in the work.
Aries: What seems like the right way is a new beginning, intervention taking place, or a new adventure you are willing to journey. This month, make your dream a reality on a higher note that gives you chills in your joints to put yourself out there. When you do, just like a plant needs to be nurtured, your plans do too. A stellar monthly cycle to rise to the occasion or keep beating around the bush, traveling in the same circle and getting nowhere. From Feb. 4 till 4 p.m. on Feb. 6 the merry-go-round discontinues, so create or do something spectacular.
Taurus: It’s time to bring the vision to a whole new level; stand for something, or nothing at all. You feel that awakening within your ancestors’ bones through your body and how you are to carry out the mission? There is an assignment ahead and some straightening out through the bloodlines that have you going on a trip, be it mentally, physically, emotionally, or vocally. The connection is the heart, mind, spirit, and intelligence forces. Feb. 6 till 47 minutes past 3 a.m. on Feb. 9, make yourself clear with great intentions with directions.
Gemini: Is there more to be said as you figure out you just ran a mental sprint marathon on folks, including yourself? It’s all written in the script, and you will see results soon, as well as the lesson plan. Sometimes you got to hit the dance floor for a minute and then get off or sign off the 9-to-5 books. Whatever you do this month, make it an adventure to just pack and go following your soul mission. A friend of the family, or someone from your past who may know your family, will share something with you on your adventure. Days leading up to Feb. 9, the initiation of making up your mind is in motion. The rest will follow suit.
Cancer: All around the mulberry bush, pop goes the weasel. You have been doing this dance for a while and change is brewing up like coffee steaming out of the pot. It’s time to get what you need and want and fulfill your soul’s desire. In this weekly cycle, a slight monkey wrench is thrown into your plans, pulling you by your coattail for you to see, do, hear, and touch something to get your attention. In the movie “Sister Act 2,” the song states, “If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.” Feb. 1 till 4 a.m. Feb. 4, catch the drift of that song to excel higher.
Leo: Well done, how about a round of applause, clap once then twice more. A new experience is shaking up within you to “just do it” like Nike, but what’s even better than Nike’s quote is “I do it,” in my brother Uribe’s words. Nothing can stop you, only you, from higher levels and thoughts of going places. You are the command that invokes the remote to turn to a certain channel with the press of your fingertip. Mentally, if you can fit all the stories in your mind onto paper or record it like a video to watch later for inspiration, it will be a joy. However, it’s inside for a reason. Feb. 4 till 15 minutes past 4 p.m. on Feb. 6, change just doesn’t occur, it is a process that leads the change into action.
Virgo: You are stirring up a pot that some wouldn’t dare. That’s the meticulous side of you seeing how things and life function and connect. Keep digging and you are going to find what you are looking for and more. You may want to put on your reading glasses. In life, there are patterns and sequences to how things work coming back full circle to do it all over again on another level, higher than the first one. The art of life, mind, body, and spirit works in mysterious ways to get on the next voyage. Late afternoon on Feb. 6 till about 47 minutes past 3 a.m. on Feb. 9, is it all a dream, illusion, imagination, or how far you are willing to travel down the rabbit burrows?
Libra: A sticky situation is only someone being misinformed. May I say the secret is out, by the way? You will see more when you boss up and be in the behind-the-scenes action and of how the operation works in the boardroom. February is a heavy-duty yard work assignment if you are up for a challenge, as in Too Short’s song “Gettin It.” It’s time to get started, and promoted, to another level. There are angels, ancestors, or higher intelligence forces working in the woodwork on your behalf. Days leading up to Feb. 9, stay grounded utilizing practicality in your approach. Scorpio: It’s about time to sing a new song with a new dance routine. Like Erykah Badu in her song “On and On,” she was “Born underwater with three dollars and six dimes.” There is a water undertone in your numerical yearly frequency for the year 2023, plus you are a water sign. Travel into the depths of your heart, soul, and mind to feel, see, touch, taste, hear, and just be without being touched by anything that surrounds you. It’s all in divine timing; around the third and last week of February are eye-catching and jaw-dropping moments. Feb. 1 till 47 minutes past 4 a.m. on Feb. 4, the details fall in like a snowstorm slowly beginning.
Sagittarius: All sorts of leads, information, she/he said, and events are all happening around at the same time. Most important is what’s on your agenda. This is a cycle month to ask, and you shall receive. Speak up for yourself or hold your peace. Do what makes you happy and not caring about how anyone else feels about what you did or said. Another tip, don’t change your mind. Our actions speak louder than words when the heart is set on doing something. From Feb. 4 till Feb. 6, apply the footwork and you will see results shortly.

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