Rebirth of a New Nation: A new agenda is coming down the pipeline with new laws, partnerships, contracts, principles, and things being revealed within a blink of an eye. A means to an end as we prepare for the paradigm shift that has already been in effect. Everything is in place right now to go viral and within our community. The word is out in the streets.  The details are everything, and every club, membership, organization, affliction, and non- or political party is ready to strike. One thing is for sure, as stated by Will Smith in the movie “Independence Day,”  it’s our victory dance but not till the fat lady sings. It’s time for takeoff by any means necessary as this shift is occurring. February and November are a sneak peek trail of humanity’s valleys traveling in 2024 into 2025 when the full peak of births presents itself of the Alpha & Omega. As the saying goes, “If you can’t figure out where you stand with someone, it might be time to stop standing and start walking.”
Capricorn: Rise to the occasion to surrender yourself to something good. What is your passion and what is on your mind that drives that spark of passion to ignite? Know your boundaries and get organized. Schedule time for “me” time, be it a bubble bath, massage, solitude, or meditation, and allow the body to send you instructions on what to do for healing and relaxation. Get grounded with your agenda and take the initiative. Opportunities to travel far or short distances are in your monthly forecast. In the days leading up to Feb. 16, patience guides your faith from within.
Aquarius:  A quirky kind of week in areas of work, health, romance, and finances, as information flows in from left field, catching you off guard. As you complete the assignment you have given yourself, do not go back to the old you. Allow the rebirth to take place and bring news and a lucky time. Be still in the midst of everything flying in all four directions and do you. From Feb. 9 until Feb. 11, sudden events can start the preparation of something new and bizarre.
Pisces: You need boundaries to free yourself to have fun in that limelight and in your life. There’s no fun when you want to control other people’s affairs. You speak for yourself and allow others to speak for themselves. Certain things can backfire on you when you are not honest and leave you stranded until you know you are the culprit. An awesome week to network, promote, and assist someone while understanding your mission from a deep point of view. From Feb. 11 until 8 p.m. on Feb. 13, do not blame others or point fingers; look within before criticizing others.
Aries: Divine meeting and awakening is flowing through like a football player dunking his coach with a super waterfall from behind. Sudden insights as you are highly in tune to go to be at the right place at the right time. You have another creative project to complete and some woman of influence will play a role in a significant way. Most importantly, listen to the advice given and take what resonates or what gives you clarity about something in place. Around Feb. 13 till 12 a.m. on Feb. 16, visit a body of water as you wait in patience, putting the pieces to the puzzle together.
Taurus: Life gets sweeter and sweeter the closer you are to fulfilling a mission and receiving a bonus with another task to complete. This week, the task isn’t over yet. As a matter of fact, when does it end? Do not overwork yourself going gangbusters; then the drought effect is felt more spiritually and physically taxing on your body. Take time to rejuvenate yourself. Handle any old affairs that show up like a reminder to fulfill your obligations. In the days leading up to Feb. 16, everything works when it does, and you will receive it when it’s due to you.
Gemini: Lost for words as you do a double take of what is playing out in your life. You know you are going through a rebirthing process from the previous help when the north and south were in Gemini and Sagittarius. Now Mars is in Gemini and is cleaning, rebirthing, informing you, and gaining some kind of an inheritance. You have the vision, voice, and people to help you build a new beginning. The only thing: it’s not going to work unless you completely let go and are ready to swim across the ocean with faith; the same faith and willpower as when learning how to drive or ride a bike. From Feb. 9 through the evening of Feb. 11,  take a back seat as all the stars are in motion.
Cancer: How are you feeling? What are your spider senses telling you to tap into or move away from? Follow your gut instinct to guide you. It’s time to advance a new version of you as a death and reawakening process is occurring. I know you feel it in your bones, heart, mind, and soul to follow suit to what your life is going to be. You have a new agenda you are forming into action when ready to make you move like in a chess game . The afternoon of Feb. 11 till about 8 p.m. on Feb. 13, set some boundaries and get in position.
Leo: You are the Goddess, God of your destiny, only taking orders from the higher ups. You see the big picture now after traveling through the hard knock lesson to arrive where you are presently like a baby traveling through a mother’s birth canal for its arrival. A remarkable meeting with someone who ranks supreme to share a word with you or just the passing of each other is meaningful. Whatever you do or say, allow it to come straight from your heart and mind as the preparation takes place in the spiritual realm. Beginning Feb. 13 through Feb. 15, be you—your light will always shine, even in the midst of a storm.
Virgo: There is a whole lot of 411 going through the grapevine and what you are learning, you see it play out in reality. It’s nice to recognize such a thing that is no longer a mystery. What are you going to do with the information given? You have traveled down the rabbit burrows with in-depth research. It’s time to disburse it into the universe, be it a lecture, a podcast, or a comparison. A cycle where your presence is felt and acknowledged by others. In the days approaching Feb. 16, a sudden meeting or departure arrives shortly after a conversation, you change your mind on an offer, or simply head in a new direction.
Libra: Can you say what in the world is occurring within your four walls in work, home, duty, and obligation as something occurs without notice? That is how the universe operates. It’s been in the making, marinating, on simmer, and now it’s ready. Timing is everything and this cycle week, a lot of pressure is on. Come up with something to bring to the table. This is the underlay for the overlay like water overflowing uncontrollably. Stand your ground with practicality and due diligence to see results as your results usher in an old-fashioned way. From Feb. 9 through the evening of Feb. 11, choose a new direction away from your past life.
Scorpio: Did someone leave the water on due to its rapidly raining diamonds like fireworks? Get what is bothering you off your chest to release for once. Allow your voice to be heard.  You will find out what you need to know through the conversation or what kind of tone is being set. As details drip on in, you now have something of the full storyline. This is heaven-sent and an experience this week you can’t even fathom. From Feb. 11 through 8 p.m. on Feb. 13, rise to the occasion, follow your dream, and choose the path as you are discovered.
Sagittarius: When you say nothing, you see and hear the actions of others. What motives are playing out while the movie is on and you’re eating the popcorn and watching every bit playing out? There is another side of you during this weekly cycle and that is changing your environment. What you think attracts you. A great time to do a makeover within yourself, your home, family, friends, love, and lastly your attitude. You have great knowledge within you and it’s time to advance it to a new level. No need for the boss’s permission; you grant yourself access like a genie in the bottle. From Feb. 13 till Feb. 16, actions speak louder than words so apply the footwork. Know your role. 

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