As we march toward the end of Black History Month, we have yet to publish our support editorial, and pivoting on an article by Nicholas Powers in The Indypendent is useful for this purpose.

“Black Love: The Force that Changed America and the World” is the title of Powers’s cover story. It resonates with passion and conviction. It deserves a full account, but these two quotes will give you some idea of its potent message.

Powers notes that Black love is everywhere: “It is an unstoppable force that broke Western slavery, smashed segregation and apartheid, rewrote Islam and Christianity, rewrote the U.S. Constitution, and now challenges the prison industrial complex.”

Toward the end of the lengthy article, Powers writes, “If you follow Black Love then your politics have to be one that creates a world where everyone can live with dignity.”

If you can’t find a printed version of the paper, go online at and you are sure to appreciate Powers’s intersectionality of history and his own experiences, as well as several other articles in this edition, particularly one that is spot on in its critique of the Civilian Complaint Review Board.Black Love caught our eye as Valentine’s Day arrived, but it, like Black History Month, should be much more than an occasional moment to celebrate. Black Love and The Indypendent should be added to your recipe for struggle and self-determination.

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