Rebirth of a New Nation: Allow your inspiration to be your aspiration to be in harmony within your goals, dreams, accomplishments. When you accomplish a good deed, you set the record through your DNA for the progress of moving forward each time. Keep marching on as this week your dreams are very interesting, conversations are more about the collective energy and sudden meetings where you ask yourself how we met. No need to ask that question, the question is more about what the assignment is and how we can help one another. New moon in Pisces at 1 degree, Pisces is the last sign allowing the old to leave and in with the new, doing things in a different way. Do not get rocked to sleep during this Pisces new moon, as we already have Neptune in Pisces to either push purpose or push fear into the unknown. “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” Aldous Huxley

Capricorn: This cycle week is the germination process after a long journey of dormancy. Strength, resilience, consistency, with the power of a strong will to follow through on your itinerary no matter what or who may show up. Show up for self. Mentally, you are sharp and ready to take on the world and other obligations. Address and review any finished and unfinished business before it is submitted to the next phase. Things coming at you from love, romance, home, business, partnerships suddenly crowd your space. Remember, balance is key to maintaining healthy and wealthy relationships in all aspects of your life. The a.m. of February 16 through the a.m. of February 18 the key is moderation and an influential woman will play a role in your life. 

Aquarius: Check in on your feelings as something is leading you to clues, hints, or something that was buried or hidden for a while. The awkwardness you feel is grabbing your attention to stop and think. Ask yourself the 5 W’s, who, what, where, when, and why; the how is already presented to you. When you focus on you, the information you want to know will reveal itself to you in due time. No need to force the issue, keep doing your part. February 18th till February 19th around 11pm, traveling by mind, plane, bus, train is indicated, also a special meeting or conversation. 

Pisces: New moon in Pisces initiates endings, new beginning, voyages, soul traveling, and anything you want to manifest and see results in in the next 6 months. A great cycle to improve your image, environment, circle of friends, associates, etc. and gain support and also payments that are due to you,  be it old or new. As the sun makes its return around the earth for your birthday, make a wish and see results within six months. The fast changes occurring this week are all part of the rebirth process. The late evening of February 19th till February 22nd, it’s time for new terms, conditions  and a way of living and operating in  your gift. 

Aries: This is an interesting week as you prepare for a twist and turn of events within your plans. You have a say in what you will do and how it needs to be completed. Look within, as the details begin from within as you see them manifest on the outside world. This year and especially this month feels like you are living in two worlds and are hit with a déjà vu experience. Just as you drive and stop at a red light then go when it’s a green light, there are signs all around you leading up to this one big clue that’s small in vibration and big on feeling. February 22nd until February 24th  around 3am a light bulb instantaneously switches on with new intel. 

Taurus: An interesting week where health, romance, home, responsibilities, and business affairs are all communicating at once. Your energy is sensitive this week to senses, and certain foods that you normally eat aren’t in agreement with your body. Being a volunteer, a help to your community in person or virtually is a great benefit to both parties. Remuneration is due, be it investments you made or money due, just know the entrance will be an old-fashioned one. February 16th until February 18th around 10am, every step you take has a purpose and every word you speak has a vibration and tone about it to get a message across. 

Gemini: What are the Goddesses, Gods and higher ups whispering into your ear or writing you in a letter—perhaps they are ideas of your next assignments. This cycle week, certain things are restricted until you get the messages or complete an assignment before flipping the page. You need to learn from your past circumstances. Certain flashbacks of memories are showing up for the missing link to move forward. February 18th until February 19th, you know what direction you are headed in as change is a reminder of life evolution and growth. 

Cancer: Deep dive into your mind as you begin to swim deeper; as you swim deeper, some ideas will surface that you need to embrace and develop into a product or something meaningful as an accomplishment in your life. Be patient with yourself and allow the new moon in Pisces to reawaken some parts of you to shine in your creativity as you did as a child. February 19th until February 22nd, bring back the kid in you and forgive yourself to progress forward in life. 

Leo: This is one of those inventive kinds of week where your mind is going like an energizer battery fully charged. You are creating new opportunities for yourself with the resources within arm’s reach. After you brainstorm, write out the blueprint and get to work and schedule a board meeting or conference call. Allow your creativity to be your driven force to guide you and direct you to the people and groups to connect and network alongside. Attend a community workshop on a particular subject that is the opposite of what you do for a different perspective. February 22nd, step out of your comfort zone. It’s a ripe time to learn something unique.

Virgo: Facts, figures, signs, and symbols say more than words. Words assist in the innerstanding of the characteristics of the energy playing out. February is a turning point of your journey, moving into a more community-based life in person, engaging in community outreach, being a volunteer or a teacher on a particular subject. Partnerships are more about collaborating, sharing with one another then branching off to spread the knowledge. February 16th until the a.m. of February 18th, a special meeting and certain conversation holds key to something upcoming. 

Libra: Hold on to your health this week as your body may feel out of alignment during the reboot process. Keep your ears, nose, and throat protected and drink something warm and room-temperature not too hot nor cold. Drink plenty of water, spend some time in the sunlight, and also get grounded on Mother Earth ground. Weekly cycles of all personal and business affairs need your attention. Balance and flexibility are what is needed. February 18th until February 19th, follow your gut feeling as this week something is time sensitive, and keep your distance from people to protect your energy. 

Scorpio: The physical and spiritual realm are sending you messages and having you reach out to certain folks, filling in the details. Your dreams hold information of what is at play. Although dreams are seen one way and sometimes the revelations of the dreams play out differently, the message is the same. Listen clearly, sit still, and take note of the importance of the story playing out. February 19th until the 22nd, do not second guess as this week is tricky and some folks are shady, bringing nothing to the table.  

Sagittarius: Utilize this month to spread the message and connect with folks from all walks of life. February saw you expanding yourself and being a help to your community and the elders around you. A great time to develop in the areas of communications, speech, reading, writing, cooking, and doing something adventurous, taking yourself out of your comfort zone. There is something hanging in the background; when it’s ready to announce itself you will know. It’s coming in a grand old-fashioned way that can be a resource to you. February 22nd, stay the course no matter what and follow your heart to get where you need to go. Keep walking even if you have to crawl to reach your destination. 

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