After overcoming a 23-year marriage filled with toxicity, Lisa Easton had found herself stuck in financial trouble with $55k debt following her. As a mother of four, she also had full financial responsibility for their college expenses. With no support and her mental health in a downward spiral, Easton knew that she had to make major sacrifices to change her life.

“I refused to be paying off debt for five to 10 years. I am going to make the sacrifices now and get out of this situation one way or another,” Easton told the Amsterdam News. She had decided to stop letting the money and negativity control her as she began to focus on her inner healing and personal manifestation. 

In just three short years, Easton had fully paid off her debt, created the life that she had envisioned, and developed a coaching business that is tailored to teaching other women how to get their own financial freedom. “I truly believe that I hacked the system, and I want to teach other women how to take control, [and] attract and grow their own wealth as they reach their own financial goals,” Easton said. 

Today, Easton is the CEO and founder of Millionaire Morning Mamas, where she guides women with tips and tricks to manifest millions. Her 20-minute-day system has led to appearances on CBS, The CW, META, and more to discuss her successful brand. Her impact can also be seen through her social media presence of more than 190,000 followers on TikTok and more than 150,000 on Instagram. 

Easton was never new to entrepreneurship—she comes from a family that also created their own brands and establishments. Before creating Millionaire Morning Mamas, Easton had worked with millionaires for almost 15 years as an executive assistant and chief of staff to support their careers. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Easton was one of many who were laid offs. However, six months before the pandemic affected her role, she had already begun to build her online coaching business.

“The universe just knew,” she said. “I had already started the foundation and I just knew that this was a sign. When I got laid off, I knew that this was a sign to continue and to not look back.” Since then, Easton has created a name for herself and is helping other women to do the same. 

As an Afro Latina woman, Easton believes that there is a significance in educating women of color about financial literacy. “It is critical,” she said. 

Easton also believes that due to the lack of advantages and the lack of proper education around finances, women of color must take the initiative to change the trajectory of financial struggle. Her goal is to help mentor women who might be living from paycheck to paycheck, not able to live beyond what they make, or who lack the confidence to attract what they deserve. Lisa Easton is making a difference as she continues to mentor women and offer tips about how to start on their path to abundance and wealth.

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