Words have replaced reality. Always remember where you come from to recognize where you are heading. It takes courage to change the course to get out of your comfortability and ascend to a higher level. Allow the full moon at 16-degree Virgo install some hard-knocks lessons from back in the day of how to eat to live. Back then, folks prepared meals on the table for breakfast and suppertime, and grew their foods. Nowadays it’s hot and ready being served and delivered, making no time for family bonding or discussion. A change in the way we live, eat, bank, communicate, and—most important—treat each other with morals, respect, values like the old days. A new way of life is rebirthing and you can also feel the change from within on the outside. “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them—that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” — Lao Tzu

Capricorn: March is a month of ending, liberation fulfillment, public appearance, humanitarian work, learning from the trials and errors and experiences over the last 15 years of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn takes a dip out of your sign on March 23, giving you a mini break till June 11, 2023. In the mist of the transfer energy of uploads, pay close attention to the facts, details, instructions, assignments, and invaluable lesson shown to you. This cycle week is a higher inner standing of something much greater to connect to the heart, soul, spirit, body, and mind. March 5, 38 minutes after 10 p.m. till 9 a.m. 15 minutes before 10 a.m., it’s about marrying the opposition to become whole. Surrender or sacrifice for the greater good. 

Aquarius: The flexibility and adaptability needed to change the course of your life. In life, just as we drive, there are sharp turns, bends, curves, narrow paths when you travel in the mountains. These experiences assist in your elevation of growth within you and gaining wisdom. March is a fast-pace cycle for you to make some type of change in your lifestyle that will push you to progress on the journey forward. It already has been building up and toward the end of the month you need to make a decision about something that’s been sparking a flame from within. Beginning on March 8, 45 minutes before 9 a.m., certain situations require action with footwork.

Pisces: March is going to sweep the rug from under your feet and make you stand and fish for your own. Although it’s your season and the sun is beaming on the warm water you travel through boundaries, it comes with being honest and straightforward with people and with self. This cycle is similar when your great-grandmother put you in check to better prepare you for life’s turn of events. In March, know thyself and continue your agenda as the support you used to get is canceling their subscription on you. Days leading up to the March 10, it’s time to take matters in your own hands and build with what’s in your possession.

Aries: When you are on new mission, it begins with giving birth to a new train of thought and operating in a different way. Most times on the journey, it’s you until you start to do the work to build it past a certain phase. An unexplainable event will lead you to the right people, place, things, items for the alignment of crossing paths. In retrospect, look at the details and say what you feel without any contradictions. It’s better to tell the truth than a lie. March 3 till 30 minutes to 11 p.m., the 411 sits in like a ripple effect that keeps on expanding to give shape and form. 

Taurus: March is a mystical, strange, cloak kind of month that comes with an inner standing of self-recognition of the gifts you possess and discovering the truth about something. “Why” will be question you ask and as you do your research, the answer will come. Solitude, connecting with nature, meditation, going swimming, drinking water will assist and study will aid in the rejuvenation process this month for next month. The work you are developing is a piece of what you are creating content for this year and for the next five years to come. It will all make sense later as each assignment has its process for building a lasting foundation. March 5 till 44 minutes after 9 a.m., a silent revelation will present itself to you. Question everything when you don’t know. 

Gemini: This is a slingshot kind of week when what you are building will support you financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and soulfully. You are being guided and given privy information to resolve a certain circumstance. This is not your typical kind of week—in fact, it’s a straight spiritual alignment that the physical reality has no explanation for. Listen carefully and perform the duties you laid out for yourself. Days leading to March 8, it’s about the commitment to see results. 

Cancer: After a process of initiation of new beginning, it’s time to apply the footwork, time, effort, and sweat, and make the investment without overwhelming yourself. A cycle to spiritually develop your inner spirit growth, environment, to be more conscious of your actions. It’s time to allow your light to shine. You have done enough talking and it’s time to show up for yourself. It’s okay to learn a few new lessons and travel through the experiences to gain the wisdom due to it’s all part of the journey of life. March 2, you are evolving and you know it’s time to cut your losses for a fresh start. 

Leo: Once you plant the seed, you need the water and the sunlight for growth and durability. This is a slow germination process where the inner cells are gathering the support they need to sprout and lean toward the sun like a sunflower. To know what you need, there is an examination and evaluation that will take place. Sometimes the process is as easy as being still, so still that you feel the winds surrounding you to listen to the conversation like a record playing. March 3 till March 5, 38 minutes past 10 p.m., the tools and resources come together after a journey of surveying to fill in the blank. 

Virgo: March is a month of going back to school in some shape or form or signing up to do community volunteer work. The topic of partnerships will come up for you or reconstructing how you operate the partnership roles. A hefty duty month with responsibilities swinging the door at you all at once and the main recipe is balance, including rest your body. Take a cat nap from time to time. A month to assist with your elders or work with your elders because your help is greatly appreciated. March 5 till 15 minutes before 10 a.m., the benefit of your labor arrives. 

Libra: What’s the vision and the dream that’s prompting you to go into a new direction within your profession? “Why” will frequently visit you as you have questions that need answers you are not clear about. When you apply your mind to the vision, to start at least jot down the outline. You are in the process of developing a new program for yourself. Do your research and continue to create the outcome of your vision in your mind. Take a break for a nature walk and visit near a body of water for clarity. Days leading up to March 8, it’s important to make your dreams a reality—it’s one reason why we have dreams. Our dreams help guide us on our path. 

Scorpio: It’s time to make boss moves and only you know the moves you need make happen. It’s a new process that will free up time, space, for you do something you’ve never done before. Be darning. You are the only one who can stop your growth. March is the month you walk into the unknown, starting a whole new agenda with new terms, conditions, rights, and amenities. Make the first move as the leader you are and use the resources in your environment. March 2, it’s time to be 100 percent real with self and walk the walk to talk the talk. 

Sagittarius: This is a sink or swim kind of month. What’s it going to be? You have a new agenda you are rolling out with. It’s easy to say what you are going to do. Applying the words to action means business. Either way, you have to stand on your own against any opposition. Always remember that opposite means to connect with both ends to operate in the highest form to see results. Set the tone as you build the foundation with the team in positions to secure the safety of everyone’s future. March 3 through March 5, the best investment is investing in you.

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