Every little signal needs a zoom-in with a pair of looking glasses on standby. March is a month of new beginnings—a new era on the rise with new rules, laws, and legislation—and we the people are healing, putting our differences aside to come together, inner-standing there is a bigger fight and view ahead for humanity. 

The rainbow looks amazing when we look up at the sky; what about the rainbow on this green Earth and rainbow people walking among us, including our rainbow offspring? Spring into action with a steady plan with commitment, dedication, and discipline to achieve the goal. “Concentrate all your thoughts on the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” — Alexander Graham Bell

Capricorn: Life is full of an abundance of surprises. It’s in everything surrounding you, even in your daily aspects, such as the people, places, things, items, messages, signs; you name it. Listen, feel, see, and believe the universe speaks to us in many shapes and forms, even through your phone. The words that you speak have a vibration, so be mindful of the tone and when you get the signals, act on them. Nikola Tesla said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” 

This is that kind of week where you can use the key to unlock certain passages and wishes and be privy to wisdom. March 15, 10 a.m. until March 17, timing is everything; it’s the energy of the essence of time. Ask and you shall receive. Take notes.

Aquarius: Whatever mastermind plan you’ve been making, it’s time to apply the final bells and whistles on it by the end of March. This March brings sudden insights with change on the rise. Be prepared to decide whether you are ready for the upcoming change. In astrology, there are certain houses called angular, succedent, and cadent. This week, you are traveling in the angular, succedent where you initiated, taking action, and where you are headed is in the cadent houses for completion and distribution of what took place in the angular, cadent houses. March 17 until 11 a.m. March 19, choose a direction and stick with the program. 

Pisces: Saturn entered your sign on March 7 at 0 degrees Pisces. From March 7 until March 15, the things you thought of are now coming to a reality. It bypasses the “applying footwork” part and goes straight into the “action.” This is just a sample of what you can receive when you apply the footwork. Smile now as you can see what your results are. It’s all in you and getting all aspects from paperwork, meetings, interactions, organizations, and the skills needed to complete the assignment within three and a half years. March 19 until around 12 p.m. March 21, buckle up, you are going on an adventure. 

Aries: Time is of the essence as you initiate the proposal, then apply the required action and before you know it, you receive results. This week has an inner tone of when you believe what seems like magic occurs, it’s happening on the spot. There is no time to waste at this moment as time is also time-sensitive, meaning everything must happen, so be sure you come with your paperwork and common sense. The test is next week to see how you follow up on your engagement, so do the work. March 21 until 2 p.m. March 23, the choice is up to you to play your role. 

Taurus: The assignment, lesson, and blessings are pouring in with an abundance of all the work you applied. Venus enters Taurus from March 16 until April 11; then you have Jupiter in Taurus preview from May 16 until September 3; finally, Jupiter in Taurus retrograde from September 4 until December 31, going back over what occurred so what was missed can now be applied before Jupiter moves directly. Seize the moment and make substantial investments as protection is your aura field. March 15 until around 10 a.m. on March 17, it’s time to lay the foundation and build a new program or take things to the next level. 

Gemini: This cycle’s week feels like you are flying with the birds, swimming with fishes, dancing with the stars, in alignment with sunrise and sunset. It may feel like it’s all a dream and it can be an illusion; just know you have to initiate the process to see results. Otherwise, you are all in your head and in your own way for what’s coming. Take the first step, then you can reap the benefits as you work through the assignment and learn the lesson. March 17 until 11 a.m. March 19, the goal is to obtain, not experience repercussions. Get on the winner’s side. 

Cancer: The universe does a dance, traveling through all the sun signs at its appointed time. Although things seem to be going well, here comes some more paperwork to fill out. Remember that you received privy information first and you felt like a sitting duck who didn’t know anything until it all started to come together. Now that you have the coming together of the plan with certain details, you can now see the bigger picture and the part you play. March 19 until around 12 p.m. March 21, now it’s time to make a move and strike fast while the iron is hot. 

Leo: The payoff or payout is on the way, so keep putting in the work and allow your light to shine. This cycle feels like being in the mud. When you are in the mud, you are receiving all the nutrients, vitamins, and potent energy before sprouting out like flowers or roses that lean toward the sun. Progress is progress, which is a process before we see development. Spread the word, assist when you can, and initiate and follow through without speeding up the process. March 21 until 2 p.m. March 23, the darndest/oddest way of how things are working out is exactly how it works. 

Virgo: You are reaping the benefits of work initiated; also an ending of something and a fulfillment of a goal. When you apply water and fire, they boil in an uncontrollable process, or a controlled process of combining the two elements to work together. Your plans are coming together at a higher meaning, and there is another assignment ahead—you will have many once one assignment is complete for advancement. March 15 until around 10 a.m. on March 17, reflect back on your journey, the assignment, and the process for your progress on which you are standing firmly. 

Libra: As soon as you begin a project and lay out all the details, you are ready to finish the mission. In the process of finishing the mission, provide the details of the body of how you derive your conclusion. Give examples and facts about the ingredients of your projects for more clarity and inner-standing. You have the ancestors dancing at your feet, yet the sacrifice of applying the work is the reward. March 17 until 11 a.m. March 19, something to think about is who is the link to the game “monkey in the middle,” and why is the monkey in the middle?

Scorpio: New beginnings are on the rise with the ending and fulfillment of an accomplishment. This week, as you think it, it will be your reality and you will see how the law of attraction is playing out in your immediate environment. The rewards are given beforehand for a reason to motivate, encourage, inspire, and spark that flame to get the ball rolling. When April comes, you are in the soil of the unseen during the process, receiving all nourishment for a rebirth process occurring. From March 19 until around 12 p.m. March 21, the change is already happening; it was just a slow, steady process before the full effect showed up. 

Sagittarius: You are in the lead and league of the initiator with Jupiter in Aries. There is more work to do, follow up on, and follow through with before the next phase. This is the action, as humanity is being shown exactly what is going on and humanity has to follow the insights, just as when we the people say follow the money and you will know what’s going on. The inner work is approaching at different times, angles, months, seasons, days, minutes, etc., to see what the Big Bang theory entails. March 21 until 2 p.m. March 23, the big adventure is on the rise.

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