Rebirth of A New Nation: The first full pink moon in Libra on April 5/6 is magnetically blossoming up the constellation at night and even in the day time. Goddesses, grab your flower essence to take for a great vital boost; Gods, purchase some flowers for the Goddess in your life, be it your great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, aunt, niece, sister, friend, co-worker, associate, etc. The great activator of the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Chiron is in Aries, initiating the extraordinary reset of love, healing, creativity, resolving disputes, and your extrasensory perception or ESP is highly felt. Venus and Uranus in Taurus are sending out the love, ancient messages, and vibration for you to remember the history of you and your origins. As the days, nights, hours, minutes, months, etc., seem to be moving rapidly, slow down just a bit so you can feel the beat like Michal Jackson said in his song “Rock With You”: “Just take it slow ’cause we got so far to go when you feel that heat and we gonna ride the boogie, share that beat of LOVE.”

Capricorn: Cappy, a new leaf is forming for a new passage ahead. Keep a suitcase packed and tuck it under the bed or in the closet until the moment presents itself to you. Everything you need to know is within the ingredients of the recipe. Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open. This year, you have an ton-load of Capricorn and Taurus vibration as the main theme, so use balance, stability, self-restraint, due diligence to inner-stand the content clues. On the rising of April 2, 57 minutes past 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. on April 4, a significant encounter presents itself to you. Stay focused on your voyage ahead. 

Aquarius: A week to relax as the universe is sending you messages and insights, through sounds, symbols, signs, and sudden meetings and departures. Memories of certain family members will come to you, be it in your dreams, messages, phone conversations, etc. In those moments, sit down to inner-stand why you are feeling the way you feel. Your dreams hold meaning about what’s occurring in your life, so get it now rather than later when it occurs. Days leading up to the evening of April 4 around 6 p.m., everything is in motion, even the plans/projects you are working on. 

Pisces: Get ready for the great times April has to offer you. It’s time to activate the dreamer in you to create your world in the physical reality. Whatever footwork is needed, get right to the beat of the rhythm so this grand mastermind plan can manifest. There always come moments of being tested while on your mission by distractions and suggestions from others, including your own thoughts to derail you off path. Follow your heart with discipline to inner-stand your path, because you desire something different in your life besides the same old game playing out. 

Aries: April is a significant month to water the grass and ensure the sprinkler is on for the times you are away from home. Nourish yourself because this is a slow month, moving like a turtle or snails, yet at a fast pace. Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, and Chiron are in Aries, which is significant for communication, healing, rebirthing, telepathy, astral travel, learning new things. An important teacher may show up, as might a major shift within your body. Schedule a body massage with focus on and around your temples and a great scalp massage. March 30 after 6:30 p.m. until 2 a.m. April 2, what may seem like déja vue is the energy catching up from the previous retrograde effects of certain various moments in your file. 

Taurus: This is an ancient timeline of great-grandparents pouring insights into you from a spiritual distance. The ancestors are walking with you and waking up the people with awareness. It is strongly felt within the Sun sign of Taurus and those with double Taurus in their natal chart or the position of the house where Taurus is stationed. Questions will come up regarding your agenda and blueprint for the direction in which you are heading, and some form of humanitarian reward, public announcement, or appearance is indicated for the month of April. April 2 until April 4 around 5 p.m., I believe you catch the drift of what’s taking place within your inner environment.

Gemini: Partnerships, family obligations, business adventures, and sudden twists and turns are occurring in your life. Mars was in Gemini for seven months and as of March 25, 2023, Mars is in the Sun sign Cancer, a semi-sextile that adds flavor to the punch of what you are creating. Now you must apply the work after all that talking; moving around here, there; popping up coast to coast; sending your message in all four directions through all the elements. What’s the recipe for what you’ve been baking—is it done yet? April 4 will be the start of the show of proof, be it internal or external, but not public to the world. 

Cancer: It’s time for some amazing great days ahead, of transformation and squashing any beef to surrender to a higher calling. Mars in Cancer will have you drenched like heavy rain pouring down and nurtured like a brand-new baby on the scene. Take notes as you go through the metamorphosis of the matrix. April will be a month that will make you dance on your tiptoes and feel grounded against all odds. Pucker up, Cancer, and enjoy the ride, forming a new foundation. 

Leo: It’s Aries season—a fire season to network and spread the fire, bringing folk to the campfire. April is a month for self-improvements, travel, conversing with foreigners, making public appearances with a message. A showstopper kind of month where the boss pulls up and gets the ball rolling on the agenda, leaving no time to waste. This is not a circus; you are running a formative program with talented people. March 30 until April 1, do you hear the cardinal birds at the board meeting putting the facts together for the main event?

Virgo: Are you excited about the alignment of the new partnership? The best partnership is the source of the information that comes from within, plus experience to share the wisdom in your community. A phenomenal month to sketch, draw, outline the new cover of your book, product, class, etc. Any semi-legal matters can be resolved or handled accordingly without hassle, as long as you apply yourself. Those deep inner feelings arise at a time of fulfillment of a lesson for the next phase of advancement. On April 2, 57 minutes past 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. on April 4, revelation at its finest. 

Libra: It’s time for the merry-go-round to come to a halt with new scripts and ingredients to pass down. Every generation brings change and something learned from the previous generation to carry on. We the people are in a new age of operating and passing the baton from the prior generation. Libra, what’s it going to be, when the scale is in need of balance with a new justice, law, and financial system with new jurisdiction? What happened to the people with Full Faith and Credit? April 4 until the rising of April 7 around 2 a.m., the information flows fast like a hurricane and flood watch developing, with news broadcasting a flash warning. 

Scorpio: April is when it all comes pouring down, gushing up like when a woman’s water breaks, signifying that the birth of the baby is on the way. Nourish your body as you do a newborn baby. Be attentive, get rest for the growth of a new paradigm on Earth and in the universal constellation of the great beyond of awakening. What may seem out of sight, out of pocket, what’s not able to be found, is right in your face and your eyes will land on it when you just relax. Keep floating on. 

Sagittarius: The scholarly Sagittarius arrives with a new perspective to learn from different angles and not just mediocrity. It’s about going beyond the realm of the norm of what she says and he says. It’s time for some study time to use your words in the correct origin, and inner-stand how words affect humanity and competence. Sag, when you are ready for another adventure, the vehicle is accessible to take you on another journey down the rabbit burrows in the woods. March 30 until April 1, the discovery of change is mentally on the horizon, just like when a rainbow appears.

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