Rebirth of a New Nation: On April 5/6, what a glamorous pink full moon in Libra at 16 degrees, pulling on your heartstrings to get to the heart of matters. Pay attention to your actions and the words you speak as a reminder of balance and to not give your energy to every little thing. Do what is more important and weed out the distractions. The energy of a pioneer with balance is at its best. The greats, grands, fathers, mothers, are blowing steam at table to bring balance to collect what is due. “Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.” — Christopher Rice

Capricorn: A possible meeting with the bosses and higher-ups where they will want to converse with you regarding old, ancient information. Capricorn, keep in mind that wooden nickels have no value in exchange for data. What are the people at the roundtable offering you of value? Say what is on your mind and say it as you see fit. If it’s a spade, it’s a spade; same thing as if it’s a joker, it’s a joker. Stand your ground, use practicality and sound wisdom. On April 11 until 4 p.m. April 13, no need for a tea party; ask and it shall be given. A boss cycle to make a move on the chessboard (and keep in mind who moves first on the chessboard). Handle any paperwork. 

Aquarius: Game recognizes game, so what knowledge are you gaining to step up your game? Humanity lives in a free-will society. Always remember the Golden Rule, Matthew (7:12): “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” Work needs your attention, energy, and the magic touch to will it into existence. Be straightforward with what you are pursuing to manifest into reality. Get organized and structured, and clean up any debris around the house, office, or anywhere you see fit. In the days approaching April 6, you are surrounded by heavenly hefty energy, so stay calm and stay in your lane when others want to grab your attention for distraction.

Pisces: Are you in a hurry to travel somewhere far away where the sand meshes against your toes and water cleanses your feet? The kind of atmosphere that leaves you feeling like you can walk on water? April is a cycle of fast motion and decision-making, clearing out the air to proceed to the next mission. A highly spiritual revelation will come about when you least expect it in your daily aspects, indicating a signal for departure. On April 7 until 8 a.m. on April 9, all the signs, conversation, and symbols are giving you hints and clues when you are unsure. Sit in silence and you will find what you seek. All the stars are in motion. 

Aries: Wow Aries, do you feel that enormous amount of energy? Before making a hasty decision or move, engage in the energy and see how you feel first. Something is pulling you—as a matter of fact, it’s been on your mind for a minute to reach out or make a move. There is no right or wrong order, it’s all in how you view and how you approach. Be your genuine true self and express from the heart. That connection will be more rewarding when you do. The energy is more robust on April 9 until 1 p.m. on April 13—there is no holding back, so state your facts and lay your cards out on the table. 

Taurus: Futuristic planning that you predicted is coming to the forefront, so remember the slogan “Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.” It’s time to allow the world and your immediate folks in your space to see you on the throne, and not in an egoistic way. This about the next generation in line seated at the table, calling the shots as a family, unity, and community. Focus on the details and the history and plans/agenda that have been put in place before you came on this Earth. April 11 until 4 p.m. on April 13, when you walk through, it’s like no other, due to the fact that you are unique. 

Gemini: You may need to sit down for this week due to the fact that so many divine messages, signs, and conversations are blowing across the airways about you, just like you intended to draw attention. That’s one hell of a helicopter speeding ticket in the air. What better way to do something to get one’s attention? One more thing: Do you have the facts to state your claim for the claims brought against you? Let’s see; the movie is not over. On April 6 and days leading up to April 13, you are one heck of a shapeshifter with all types of piloting and schemes. Do you have the gavel? 

Cancer: A kind of week where you do the work and ask questions later, which seems awkward. There is a reason for the madness that is occurring for the truth to be leaked out. Once someone in the family knows, the mama knows, then the father knows. You have a lot at your table and finally the secret is out. This is a great-great-grandfather kind of news that leaks out. This is also an opportune week for home, work, family, and other obligations occurring all at once. Balance is key, and just listen. On April 7 until 8 a.m. on April 9, who let the cat out the bag?

Leo: This is an all-star week, like the world all-star game, for you to be recognized in the hall of fame. The work you do for family, friends, and in the community is greatly appreciated, so this will catch you off guard. On the other hand, you have divine intuitive messages coming to you, be they warnings or assisting you on your journey. This is a cycle to give a helping hand to an elder, child, family member, or friend, or volunteer your service and time for a greater cause. Whatever boss moves need to be made to gather a sound blueprint, it’s about time. Between April 9 until 1 p.m. on April 13, it’s showtime on a new plane.

Virgo: You will be in contact with the spiritual realm, be it through the dream state; while driving, cooking, talking; or mainly through your words of action. You are going to be in rare form and that is fine, because when the divine speaks, there is no chuckling in their voice. The changes you see are a build-up to the main events that will take place by the end of the month. Barry White has a song called “Practice What You Preach,” so keep on performing, practicing, and preaching, and your actions will be in alignment with the universal flow. On April 11 until 4 p.m. on April 13, you are grasping the ideas of how to be more in tune with the rhythm of the universal frequency.

Libra: This is not a game; this is the wise owl instructing you on your agenda. Waste no time on beating around the bush; the bush is gone and there is no cover right now. The seeds are budding out, which means you are in preparation to make a grand entrance. Bring your plan and your team of folks with you to the meeting of the minds. When the bosses unite, it’s all business at the end of the day—better you leave with the whole cake, pie, punch, or even just a sliver of it. On April 6 and days leading up to April 13, what do you want? 

Scorpio: It’s all pouring in, slowly like the air blows. It may show up in fractions here and there, not consistent, yet by the end of the month, you can add it all up. That’s right: You have to gather all the ingredients, then watch how they soak into one another to make a delightful texture and flavor. Any legal affairs require attention; also, what are your plans and have you put them together as a product, or something for you and others to see? On April 7 until 8 a.m. on April 9, there are all kinds of sudden twists, turns, moves to be made. 

Sagittarius: You are probably getting a real kick out of the 411 you are receiving. If it’s not talking to you or back to you, then what is going on? Some form of revelation is coming about that will shock you, making you turn off the faucet, stove, washing machine—whatever is making noise—to quiet everything to listen carefully. As you inner-stand the changes, and what must be done is now loud and clear, it will be time for you to make a decision. Around April 9 until 1 p.m. on April 13, what’s on your mind?

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