Over the last year, many migrants traveled to New York City with hopes of finding jobs, but securing stable employment has been much more difficult than they imagined. On April 4 in Queens, dozens of migrants gathered near Roosevelt Avenue and 69th Street, waiting endlessly for a car to pick them up and take them to a nearby job site.

Many are in search of the American dream, hoping to create a better life for themselves and their families. However, this dream has become harder and harder to find, leaving many in debt and jobless for weeks. On average, most struggle to get three days of work each week. If they do manage to obtain a job, they will only make $150 per day. Many even regretted their decision of moving to New York City, stating that “they would have found more work in their own country.” Elena Sance, a Guatemala native, has worked every job imaginable. Sance traveled to the U.S. almost 5 months ago, leaving behind her three children. During her time, she has put down tiles, completed demolition work, cleaned homes, and more.

Undocumented migrants face a constant challenge trying to find work as the wait to obtain working papers gets longer and longer. 

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