Dionne Warwick (297890)
Credit: (Raph_PH (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dionne_Warwick_2_(cropped).jpg), „Dionne Warwick 2 (cropped)”, https://creativecommon

After creating several pop hits over the last few years, popular music icon Dionne Warwick is making a return debut in gospel with her latest album, “Songs of Inspiration.”

The album includes a variety of special features, including contributions from another music icon, Dolly Parton. The two created “Peace Like a River,” the first song on the album. The new song “I Kneel,” the second single of the album, is also a duet and collaboration with her son, music producer Damon Elliott. Other features include the voices of the Good Neighbor Baptist Church choir in Newark.

As the release date gets closer, Elliot said, “We always lead by faith in any approach, musically, with my family…It was a very natural progression.” Warwick has said she hopes her gospel album can speak to many and inspire generations to come. The mother-son collaboration of “I Kneel” will be released on Mother’s Day.

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