America is the land of hope and good fortune. Our landscape has often been the launching pad for honorable and rewarding careers.

This is the big difference between our country and those ruled by dictators and carriers of fear who are in office simply because citizens are afraid of them.

We have seen too many instances when speaking up creates turmoil, retribution, and sometimes death. It is troubling that people can lose their lives because they voice their opinions.

Fortunately, we have not had many problems with the conduct of our national leaders. Our democracy is stronger than folks we put in office who then create confusion.

Right will always “trump” wrong. Evil will never be able to stand next to good and last. The wrong and the evil will eventually fall and self-destruct.

If you don’t remember Watergate and Richard Nixon, go to the history books and you will find out what happened to that former president. You can draw your own conclusion about his innocence or guilt.

More recent history will bring us to what happened with Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America. The allegations of his wrongdoings have captured the attention of we the citizens.

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He lost the last election, yet still believes that he won. He claims that the election was fraudulent and unfair. In the eyes of most, Mr. Trump is fraudulent and unfair.

Calling Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State, and saying he needed 11,000 votes from him was unscrupulous. That is a crime, in my opinion.

The mayhem that occurred on January 6 has been attributed to him as he encouraged and cajoled people to come to Washington, D.C., to wreak havoc at the U.S. Capitol. Again, we know what happened.

Now, if you have read any of the reports, you know that the former president has trouble brewing in Georgia and New York.

In New York, we know about his questionable business practices and having hush money paid on his behalf. In Georgia, he wanted officials to change the voting count to allow him to win.

The next presidential election will be held in 2024 and he has already announced his intention to run for that office. However, so has Nikki Haley, with Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis waiting to announce later.

Trump is confronted with mounting legal battles. Indictments appear to be on the way. Will he have to testify, or will he go to prison? Maybe nothing will happen and it will be business as usual.

These are questions on the justice stove, and they are hot. As close as these papers are to being served, will they be?

I do not believe that he will go to a federal prison. The delays and appeals will keep him out of harm’s way. But without the political trappings, if we had committed what he allegedly has committed, we would be serving time.

America, here is a scenario that would be a nightmare for us. Just suppose his legal problems last until next year, before the November election.

Will the Republican Party still make him their choice for president? That move would be unprecedented and embarrassing. That is my opinion.

It may just happen because there is a voting block in this country that believes that he can do no wrong. They blow everything off as minor and much to do about nothing.

How is it that they can turn away and only blink awkwardly about his indiscretions? That is a mystery to many of us.

Let’s stay aware of what may happen. This is history in the making and we don’t want to miss it.

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