The previous new moon in Aries at 0 degree on March 21, was a new beginning and there will be a solar New Moon eclipse in Aries at 29 degree is an end of something that was started. You are either investing your time or not for the change you want to see results. This solar eclipse is a preview of the north and south node axis in Aries and Libra upcoming on July 13,2023.  What did you begin new and pay attention to this fire pioneer bursting through to advance you on a higher level. Any area in your life that needs to work on this is a perfect time to do for a brand new you with new terms, conditions, laws, rules, boundaries, and most importantly doing what brings you peace in the pursuit of happiness. A prominent time to be engaged with prominent people.  “When things change inside you, things change around you.”-Unknown 

Capricorn: A week of professional window of opportunities as you head in a new direction this week. Yes, change is here for the better so enjoy the adventure and life has to offer.  Engage in the opportunities that align with your core values and mission as you see the vision. Partnerships is a theme this week although mercury is due to retrograde on April 21,2023 read all data on the paper before you sign any documents/contracts. Engage in communities’ events, pop ups, etc. to grow your network and provide your services to the next agenda. April 20th until 6 a.m. April 22 rapid change growth is taking place so get in the driver seat while the passengers enjoy the magical ride. 

Aquarius: You mean business this week and there is no way around it, so brings your A game to the table or board meeting. A lot of intel is related to you and in your personal life romance, family, work affairs also time out time is on your schedule. Heavy responsibilities come with a hefty bill, speeding ticket for putting in the work without a fuss or complaint in the world. This is what you signed up for and the rewards or return of your investment are wrapped nicely. April 22 until 2 p.m. April 24,2023 ask and you shall receive, ensure you apply the footwork for a special delivery. 

Pisces: Embrace yourself with a hug due to it’s time to surrender the old and surrender to the new version of you. A slight change in your plans occurs so that direct flight may be a connecting flight to connect you to certain people or an excursion on the way to your destination. Change occurs when it’s time to go in a different direction like learning a trade. Now you can fill in all the details this week without any hassle. A new program is ready for you and all you need to do is crawl, walk, run, jump on board. April 24 until 2 a.m. April 27th the lights are all green.  

Aries:  Lucky you Aries the new moon on March 21 at 0 degrees. Aries this upcoming solar eclipse on April 19 new moon at 29-degree Aries is a double dose of what you initiated and things coming to culmination and expansion of what you started. Things were lagging only due to the detail; entail needed more resources to reach a full story. This week everything is in motion, just remember you call the shots also making it a joint team effort. April 17 until 12 a.m.  On April 20th you know what needs to be done. Your ancestors are standing by you plus their money to assist on the journey. Ask for their guidance.

Taurus: You are popping up everywhere on social media, on articles, within communities, also in the school. Are you having thoughts on building your own educational school, programs outlets for folks to receive a better education financially, emotionally, mentally, for growth. Listen to the call in the voices within and simply act. April 20th until 6 a.m. on April 22nd time will tell as you elevate into higher realms of life. Study, observe and allow experience to be your teacher. 

Gemini: It’s an up in the air kind of week so search for clues, hints coming your way to be better equipped. Some form of awareness will show up in the most awkward way and it’s for you to receive the upload without asking any questions. It Is what it is. Continuing planning on this big partnership deal to extend your foundation in other states, countries wherever you see fit. April 22nd until April 24 after 2 p.m. What did you discover or what was revealed to you in secrecy? You have your ways of finding out information. 

Cancer: This is a business making boss move kind of week to take your projects, plans to the next level. Present your proposal and know that someone will be interested in collaborating with you or joining the team. Include all the linguistics and keep your secret ingredients to yourself. Share what you want folks to know, you know it’s called a hook to grab people’s attention to come see what you have to offer. April 24 until 2 a.m. April 27th , rewards show up unexpectedly, and business and family matters need your attention. Know your limits and boundaries. 

Leo: This is a one in a million kind of offer or week where information is pouring in from the east, west, north, south to get you on board or staying in the loop.  Stay away from the gossip you have great decrement on real vs fake. A lot of folks want to sit at the table and eat with you with wooden nickels and look at you in front of the bill. Nope that’s not happening on your watch. It’s time for building and gaining your own resources at your cost. You can lead them, yet they have to do their own homework. April 17 until 12 a.m.  On April 20th, alignment of the stars is favorable to you to get what you need and want. 

Virgo: When you put a pot of water on the stove to heat up, the process of boiling is slow until you start seeing bubbles from the bottom. Exactly my point: you started from the bottom before those bubbles can come up and now your water is boiling ready for whatever you have to put in the water to make a delightful entry to purchase as a result. The finished product is here; also, come join in on a class or meet me in person for a meet and greet after the lecture.  April 20th until 6 a.m. April 22 what’s odd and unusual is the new norm nowadays. 

Libra: Say yes, due to you having all the tools, experience, to be qualified for the mission. You just need to apply yourself like nobody business and nobody watching you. Who cares anyway when you have the keys in your hand to open doors for you. What brings people to the tables is your wisdom, information, your story and now it’s time to teach, sell your products and follow that inner calling from your higher self. April 22 until 2 p.m. April 24,2023 this conversation is for you and the divine creator to know. Pursue in what belief and have faith.   

Scorpio: Your intuition is in a high mode so if someone accidentally touches you or bumps into you, your energy will send them healing energy.  Hug yourself then hug others who may need your warm embrace. You have an inkling about something, and the movie will play out very soon. Stay tuned and do you in the mist and the message will get to you like in Oleta Adams song get here. Continue applying yourself to make your wish come true. April 24 until 2 a.m. April 27th, a reward of some kind is on the way be it acknowledgement, monetary, kind word and a nice gift even from an admirer from a distance. 
Sagittarius:  Wherever you go, you know and feel change is occurring so you either be still and keep doing what you’ve been doing or go in a new direction. Top dollar information is floating in your hands, ears, dreams, conversation etc. for the assignment ahead. First listen, then go back and take notes finally apply the information and do ask questions when you are not sure. Your best friend is investigating and researching. Allow your gut and inner intuition to guide you. April 17 until 12 a.m.  On April 20th, enough thinking, make a decision. You in or not.

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