Harry Belefonte (257725)
Harry Belafonte Credit: Bill Moore photo
Video by JT Trollinger

As the world mourns the loss of singer, actor and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, many are remembering him for his work in social justice.

He was a close friend to both civil rights leaders Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and Rev. Al Sharpton and participated in several pivotal moments of history.

In 2017, Sharpton honored Belafonte during the National Action Network’s annual Keepers of the Dream Awards. In statement, Sharpton said Belafonte was a “true mentor and friend” and that he was heartbroken over his passing.

“He realized his platform gave him the ability to affect change,” Sharpton said. “He used it to advance the civil rights movement and get others in his position off the sidelines. I cherished the time he would give me and others to both guide and correct us. He was a culture-changing entertainer, a history-changing activist, and an unmatchable intellectual. Rest in peace and power, Mr. B.”

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