Rebirth of a New Nation: It’s an odd and unusual kind of week that takes you on a mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, genetically rerouting upgrade. What details did you discover on the way there and back? Did you take notes? It feels like a “Back and Forth” energy, like the Aaliyah and Cameo song. Who is the driver, pilot, captain, etc.? Wait a minute, breathe easily, take a deep sigh, and feel out the facts. There are certain messages informing us through signs, songs, symbols, conversations, tones, vibrations, patterns, sequences for humanity to pick up the clues. Mercury is retrograde in Taurus—how are you feeling? What are you sensing and smelling? Finances are having a conversation digitally, physically, and spiritually and the family is hearing it through the grapevine. “Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” —Jim Rohn

Capricorn: Certain information has been coming to you in bits and pieces like bread crumbs. It’s the small things that mean more than the bigger picture. The lesson in May is to act on your intuition and follow it through. A cycle where the film is in slow motion to feel, breathe, and live in the moment that seems magical. Internally and externally, there is an intense development occurring, expressing itself. It’s best to channel energy through meditation, dancing, singing, exercising, reading, writing, etc., for the transformational purification process to raise your awareness. April 29 until 2 a.m. on May 2, seek within and you will find within.

Aquarius: There is a disconnect dialogue happening to push you to move forward on a new mission. Ready or not, it is developing soon, and by the end of May, you will see your progress toward your plans. In the physical and spiritual realms, the transformation is occurring; release and allow it to flow on, so you can carry on the vision imprinted in your mind. Mentally, get your thoughts together and write them down for the magic to take place. Sometimes in life, the roles are reversed, and you are in for a treat. May 2 until May 4, keep moving at 12 o’clock; the universe has your 3, 6, 9. Cooperation is essential. 

Pisces: Can you feel the energy coming toward you as you catch up with the past? At an appointed time, you will find out all the linguistics. Time is of the essence and the essence will inform you by feeling. Rewards are on the way in the form of spiritual gifts of inheritance. A time of renewal after a long session of purging to cross the bridge. Take what you have learned and gained, be it good or indifferent, as knowledge to feed your soul to keep climbing. In the days leading up to May 4: Regarding the progress you’ve made thus far this year, you will see feedback by the end of May. 

Aries: May is a month to soar high in the sky. There is no limit to how much you can accomplish. Ask and apply the footwork and do your part as the universe does its part. When you get the feeling of someone pulling your coattail, that’s the universe’s signal for you to slow you down to have a conversation. The universe has provided you with a direct message to relate to someone with whom you will soon cross paths. April 27 through April 29, keep your vibes high with a smile of joy and gratitude. 

Taurus: A productive week, fulfilling obligations while on the quest to a certain destination, and traveling internationally to places where foreign energy is your language, culture, and a place feeling like home. Cherish the memories, take pictures, and the clues are the ingredients of the plans laid out for you like an itinerary. A special meeting, conversation, or event is bound to occur at some point. April 29 until 2 a.m. on May 2, the stars are in position and setting the tone. 

Gemini: Hard-knock lessons are gained through doing your homework, learning from experiences, and listening to the wise elders equipped to teach you the game. You have enough knowledge to develop your own program and the only person who can stop you is you. Get in position to embark on a new journey, implementing new operations and strategies. You have a purpose because each being on Earth brings something to the table. May 2 through May 4, you are the boss of your fate, and your soul is guiding you to a higher mission. Ready or not, it’s here. 

Cancer: It’s a cycle where you know somebody who knows somebody to do a favor for a favor. Back in the day, folks visited you unannounced to check in on you. There was no telephoning first, compared to nowadays. It’s time you visit someone unannounced to check in on them. Besides everything else, if you have a product, it’s time to promote, advertise yourself, or tell a friend about your services. Days leading up to May 4, opportunities are knocking at your doorsteps; open the door to choose. 

Leo: When you position yourself in a different light, the feedback is different from what you’re used to. It takes courage to change, like in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” One experience leads to another, taking you on an adventure out of your comfort zone and trusting the process. The month of May teaches you to stand on your own with the faith of a mustard seed. You see the vision; now take the steps to see the finished product. When you apply yourself, help will come in the most unexpected ways. The universe has its way of doing its part. April 27 through April 29, do today’s work for tomorrow’s progress. 

Virgo: The ancestors are sounding like a chatterbox, like birds chirping at 3:30 a.m. What’s all the talk about? Soon the messages will be landing on the ground like an airplane landing. When the 411 comes through, the bird call is out and everybody is chirping like birds tweeting away. Keep in mind that your agenda is manifesting into reality, soon to be on the market or however you brand yourself. The new debut episode is upcoming. April 29 until 2 a.m. on May 2, the trailer is out. 

Libra: It takes time for a baby to fully develop before being born, and so does anything you pursue. It’s all in divine lockstep order. The path is getting lighter, and you can smell it, like roses blossoming in the springtime. The scent is all over you. Gather your resources for the final draft. Get excited and make some noise with clapping, stomping your feet, and praising God like Kanye West said in his song. May 2 through May 4, you are on the move. 

Scorpio: It’s a time to be more on the social scene and making your rounds to check in on folks. April is an indicator for self-development, be it emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically, to expand and walk into new territory. It makes you wonder if the hype is what people say it is, when in fact it’s more work in a different, fun way. As you climb the ladder and reach a certain phase in your life, the journey becomes easier. In the days leading up to May 4, there are different strokes for different folks to reach their arrival, like your birthdate. 

Sagittarius: An unforgettable moment has something to offer you in an unorthodox way. The universe works in mysterious ways…or is it just mysterious to some? When the ancestors show up and want to take you on the quest, the path is designed to make a way. Just say thank you with much gratitude and enthusiasm, because you are in for a big surprise. In the midst of everything, you felt this day coming. April 27 through April 29, having a spiritual partner is similar to a child having an imaginary friend.

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