“Hilarious” has a new definition with “Peter Pan Goes Wrong” on Broadway! 

Mischief Productions, which gave us the knee-slapping funny “The Play That Goes Wrong,” has done it again, this time with a story that we all know and love: “Peter Pan,” but like no Peter Pan production you’ve ever seen. This production is a joyous, interactive delight that will have you laughing from the time you sit down until the time you leave. 

In this play within a play, with some of the most hilarious physical comedy you will enjoy, we watch the Cornley Drama Society take a stab at doing “Peter Pan.” In their production, nothing makes sense or bodes well. The actors often break the fourth wall to talk to and insult the audience. You are encouraged to shout your reactions; so can your children. Just know the actors will shout back at you.

This is a very funny play in which everything malfunctions, from light-up costumes that short out to hooks to help the actors to fly that don’t exactly elevate them, doggie doors that the actors get stuck in. Anything that you think can go wrong does, and a lot of things you would not expect to falter do as well, but I don’t want to be specific: The pure fun, joy, and pleasure is in experiencing it for yourself.

I can guarantee you that both you and your children will be consistently entertained by this phenomenally skilled ensemble of actors, and a book, props, and set that lend themselves to the most crazy hi-jinks and physical comedy. 

“Peter Pan Goes Wrong” has a clever, splendid book co-written by Mischief company members Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields; spot-on direction by Adam Meggido; and an extraordinary, versatile set designed by Simon Scullion. 

The rest of the technical aspects of this production all work beautifully to enhance the enjoyment of the zaniness. Costumes are by Roberto Surace, lighting by Matt Haskins, sound by Ella Wahlström, original music by Richard Baker and Rob Falconer, and wig/hair & make-up design by Tommy Kurzman. 

Neil Patrick Harris is featured in the show through April 30 as the Narrator, and he is worth the price of the ticket alone. He is joined by an absolutely superb ensemble that consists of Matthew Cavendish, Bianca Horn, Harry Kershaw, Chris Leask, Henry Lewis, Ellie Morris, Charlie Russell, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields, Greg Tannahill, and Nancy Zamit, along with Ryan Vincent Anderson, Stephen James Anthony, Fred Gray, and Brenann Stacker.

My 20-year-old daughter Jasmine barely took a breath from the time we sat down, she was so busy laughing her a– off. I found myself laughing so much, I had tears in my eyes. The entire audience had the adventure of a lifetime. Neverland was never this much fun.

“Peter Pan Goes Wrong” will have you Hooked! 

“Peter Pan Goes Wrong” is playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre (47th Street). For tickets and more info, visit www.PanGoesWrongBway.com.

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