If there is any veracity to Klint Ludwig’s comments that his grandfather is a racist and deeply immersed in the conservative views of Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, then we have a direct connection to the venom spewed on Fox News and the actions of Andrew Lester. And if Lester, the 84-year-old white man in Kansas City, Missouri, who shot 16-year-old Black Ralph Yarl, who arrived at the wrong door to fetch his twin brothers, was in part motivated by the hate-filled rhetoric of these commentator, then we can rejoice that Carlson has been canned, though he is like scum on water, will probably rise again on some media outlet.

Yarl, according to his lawyer Lee Merritt, is recovering quite well, and we are not at all concerned about the fate of Carlson, the retinue of misinformationists who share his poison-dipped words.

Good, too, that Dominion delivered a blow to Fox over the defamation charges, though even if it has to fork over nearly $800 million, that’s but a pittance to the googob of bucks at its disposal.

And this removal of one of the network’s loudest disseminators and the settlement are but slap on the wrist to the menace they promulgate by the minute.
Added to the media turbulence this week, Don Lemon is no longer on the air, though he, too, like Carlson—and there’s no intention here to compare them or their plights—will surface somewhere since we know a lot about the public and its amnesia.

Good news, also, that President Biden has finally ready to run, and let’s hope he modifies his race and not exhaust himself trying to counter Trump’s madness, just take it slow and easy, just Biden his time.

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