Eunice Dwumfour Credit: Sayreville Borough Council photo

The murder of Eunice Dwumfour, the Sayreville councilwoman who was horrifically shot and killed outside of her Central New Jersey home on February 1, remains unsolved and her family is calling for more action on the case.

“Authorities aren’t saying much,” the Associated Press recently reported. “Dwumfour’s parents and new husband Peter Ezechukwu, who hoped to join his wife in the United States this spring but instead came for her funeral, are frustrated by the ongoing silence. The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office said it recognizes their concerns but needs to protect the integrity of the investigation.”

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But the fear left in the city after Dwumfour’s murder has now led to a decision by the current mayor, Victoria Kilpatrick, not to run for another term in office. Kilpatrick, who is white, said that she received an anonymous, swastika-filled hate letter in the mail that has made her daughters afraid for her safety.

“That letter was so heinous that it had to be immediately turned over to authorities in order to be processed for forensics and so forth to find out where it originated from,” Kilpatrick told”

“I was called an ‘n-lover.’ Sentences were punctuated with swastikas. The letter included comments like ‘I heard that one of your [racial slur] was murdered’ and something to the effect that ‘more of you need to go,’” she said.

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