If President Biden’s numbers continue to plummet, and the Gallup and more recent Washington Post-ABC News polls offer no relief, even the Black vote will not rescue him as it did in 2020. The ABC News poll showed that 56% of adults disapprove of Biden’s job performance while only 36% of adults approve of what he’s been doing.

More alarming, 54% percent of adults say Trump handled the economy better than Biden did. Okay, who are these people responding to these polls, where do they live, and what race or ethnic group do they belong to? To be sure, if these are respondents in red states, then we know what to expect. Even so, the numbers should be of concern for Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which hasn’t yet revealed a campaign strategy to offset the terrible numbers.

You always take polls with a grain of salt and a recognition of the margin of error, and we’re still a number of months away from when they begin to truly matter. Of deeper concern for Democrats is the diminishing support from potential African American voters.

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It must be distressing for Biden to learn that if the election was held today, Trump would trounce him. But this may just be the kind of alert he and the party needs to rally the troops and begin pushing an agenda to convince the nation’s electorate of how wrong they are about the current polls.

Biden, of course, can point to several positive developments over the last year or so, particularly on the economic and employment front, and certainly when it comes to reaching out to comfort struggling marginalized communities. The rash of mass killings is disturbing, but he can point to the reluctance on the part of GOP members to do anything about background checks and other measures to keep assault weapons out of the hands of mentally distressed citizens.

It’s no time to relax, with even more trouble having loomed on the horizon with ending Title 42 and the confusion at the southern borders. And where is Vice President Harris, who has to step up her game in dealing with a multitude of pressing issues?

Nope, the polls are not good, but they are only a momentary barometer of a relative pool of pollsters, and as candidates know so well, all you need to turn things around is the next poll or intensification of the ongoing conflict in the GOP.

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