It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself at a public library, writing out my to-do list for the day, when the thought arrived, “I know exactly what people should do with all of those herbs they’re growing: Goddess dressing!” 

Isn’t it hilarious how at the most inopportune time, the solution finally arrives? According to my to-do list on this particular day, I had a whole lot of running around to do. This was one of those offshoot days where there were no mentions of recipe testing, tastings, or any kind of food writing on my action list. There were no grocery items on this list nor cookbooks to reference. It was a day filled with gritty paperwork and footwork to tend to. Going to the post office, among other fun, familiar places, was at the top of the list. However, I’ve learned to take heed when inspiration strikes because there is no telling when the thought might come back again, or if it comes back again. At the very least, I shall write it down.

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I have been on the receiving end of many herbal gifts in the past, happily taking in bushels of basil, rosemary, and the like. They, unfortunately, meet their demise every time as they slowly wilt or brown or become slimy beyond salvation. It hit me that I had a choice: I can inconvenience myself to no longer take these gifts for granted by using them, no matter what. What came to mind was a spreadable Green Goddess dressing. 

I love Green Goddess dressings and dips because their herbal flavors always brighten up a snack. I strayed extremely far from the original recipe by using no mayonnaise, no sour cream, and no parsley. Instead, I used mascarpone, spinach, basil, and tarragon. To brighten and enliven, I decided to use anchovy paste and lemon juice. 

When making a spread, you need something to spread it on, so naturally, a sandwich came to mind. Because I love protein, and because I wanted to make it mostly vegetarian (you know, the kind of vegetarian that is mostly flexitarian because the anchovies aren’t visible), I thought hummus would be a wonderful element to include. 

Now that I had mentally created a sandwich with hummus, and an herbaceous and brilliantly Green Goddess spread, the next logical step was to get out of my head and actually make the sandwich! 

The creaminess of mascarpone cheese makes it a superb spread because it offers a more delicate alternative to mayonnaise. Thinly sliced green apple adds crunch and sweet tartness to this veggie-heavy sando, while layers of baby spinach pack and bulk it up without making it too messy. 

When choosing bread, I’d opt for anything with grains and seeds. We’re really going organic and wholesome here, so liberally apply the Green Goddess spread to one slice of toasted seed bread. Top with green apples and baby spinach, then slather the hummus on the remaining slice of toasted seed bread and bring it together. Slice the sandwich diagonally and enjoy!

Green Goddess Spread

Yields 4–6


5 oz baby spinach, blanched

1 cup basil, blanched

⅔ oz tarragon leaves

8 oz mascarpone

2 tsp anchovy paste

3 tbsp lemon juice


Put blanched spinach, blanched basil, and tarragon in a food processor. Pulse 10 times, then process for 30 seconds. 

Add mascarpone and anchovy paste. Pulse 10 times, then process for 30 seconds.

Add lemon juice, process for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Use immediately on sandwiches or enjoy as a dip!

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