The Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) held a Brown Folks Connect-themed event designed to attract more people of color to Nevis.

“This is the first direct initiative the NTA has made in targeting people of color,” said Pamela Martin, chair of the NTA’s board of directors. “There will be many more such initiatives as we seek to tap into this demographic.”

According to the NTA board chairperson, the event is designed for senior-level executives and on-air talent of color. It is held quarterly at various locations in the United States.

Among those who attended the event were executive producers and on-air talent from ABC News, ABC/GMA, Sony, ESPN, WABC-TV, CBS, TheGrio, as well as Patrick Riley, producer and celebrity chef; Carla Hall, former co-host of “The Chew”; and William Kedar Massenburg, former president of Motown Records.

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