Alfa Ousmane Barrie

Amadou Diallo, spokesperson for the Alfa Ousmane Barrie family, said they are reaching out for  support for an emergency visa for his father, Abdoul Barrie, who lives in Sierra Leone.

They are asking the community to send the letter below to their electeds, activists, and anyone who could help them.

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is [fill in]. l am [title]. I am writing this letter in support of the non-immigrant visa application and waiver of inadmissibility filed by Abdoul Barrie pursuant to INA Section 212(d)(3). 

Mr. Barrie was ordered removed on April 7, 2006, after the denial of his application for asylum. He was physically removed in 2018 after exhausting his available appellate options. Mr. Barrie’s spouse and six children remained in the United States. Unfortunately, his son, Alfa Barrie, went missing for 11 days, and on May 20, 2023, the child’s body was found in the Hudson River. 

His family is devastated by this tragedy. Mr. Barrie has applied for a visa and waiver so he can return to the United States to grieve with his family.

There is no risk of harm to the community in allowing Mr. Barrie to return to the United States. In light of the aforementioned tragedy, he has a very compelling reason to return to the United States temporarily while his family recovers from this tragedy.


[Insert name and title]

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