“Shucked” is kernels of laughter and joy on Broadway! This new musical comedy has jokes coming at you as fast as you can pop corn. 

This hilarious musical comedy has a lot of dirty jokes, but they hit the spot and sizzle in your mouth as you laugh out loud, over and over and over again. This musical has a scrumptious book by Robert Horn and creative, fun music and lyrics by Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, with absolutely delicious direction by Jack O’Brien and knee-slapping, entertaining choreography by Sarah O’Gleby.

This musical tells the delightful fairytale of a town called Cobb County, where everyone loves corn, corn grows tall enough to create a wall around the county, and everyone’s livelihoods depend on corn. To the people of Cobb County, corn is the greatest thing that God ever made. 

But one day, the corn not only stops growing, it begins to die. 

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The people of Cobb County have never stepped outside of their community and outsiders have never stepped in. Desperate to find a solution to the corn conundrum, Maizy, one of the county’s young women, decides to venture outside the walls and search for help—a quest her cousin Lulu and fiancé Beau tell her not to pursue. 

She goes to Tampa and is amazed at the things she sees. She meets and brings back Gordy, whose business sign reads “Corn Doctor”—but Gordy is not what he appears to be. 

This play has laughs galore, as well as lies, betrayal, romance, and some of the best “Hee-Haw”–style one-liner jokes you’ve heard in decades. The jokes are rapid-fire, especially out of the mouth of Peanut, Beau’s brother. Lulu is also known for her quick wit, spicy responses, and delightful confidence.

Everything about this musical screams “a good time.” The cast is absolutely perfect: Caroline Innerbichler as Maizy is funny and charming. Andrew Durand as Beau is adorable and humorous. Kevin Cahoon as Peanut is off-the-charts crazy: He says some of the most funny, disgusting one-liners you will hear in a Broadway musical comedy. Every time he spoke, the audience perked up to not miss a word—hilarious. 

Alex Newell as Lulu is absolutely stunning. Newell takes on that role with such power, confidence, humor, and just has a mesmerizing stage presence. Dwayne Clark plays Grandpa and is a smooth-talking, dancing riot. 

Rheaume Crenshaw played Storyteller 1 at the performance I attended and she was a gem. Her comedic timing was unbelievable—and forget facial expressions and gestures. The same can be said for Storyteller 2, marvelously played by Grey Henson, who is positively delightful. John Behlmann was quite amusing as Gordy. Scott Stangland is entertaining as Tank.

All aspects of this production are popping, including sets by Scott Pask, costume design by Tilly Grimes, lighting design by Japhy Weideman, sound design by John Shivers, and wig design by Mia Neal.

If you’re looking for a great time at the theater, full of laughs, joy, and dirty jokes, then shucks, you better come on down to “Shucked,” playing at the Nederland Theatre (W. 41st Street). It is not surprising that this musical has been nominated for nine Tony Awards and 12 Drama Desk Awards.

For tickets, visit ShuckedMusical.com.

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