NYC basketball legend God Shammgod and his son, God Shammgod Jr., are featured in a campaign powered by Advil titled “The Show Must Go On,” which spotlights their tight bond, love of basketball, focus on coaching, and even the aches and pains that come with the sport. Just as point guard Shammgod taught his son the game, he now teaches it to NBA players in his role as a player development coach with the Dallas Mavericks.

Shammgod became a father at a young age, so his son got to experience his father’s college and pro careers. “If you look at old pictures of me, when I’m getting awards, he was in one arm and maybe the MVP trophy was in the other arm,” Shammgod said.

Shammgod Jr. grew up loving basketball and playing on the same NYC courts as his father. He often slept in his uniform because he wanted to hit the court at first light. After playing college hoops, he became a coach and is currently an assistant coach with the Delaware Blue Coats, a G League team affiliated with the Philadelphia 76ers. 

“My dad never put pressure on me to be him,” said Shammgod Jr. “He allowed me to find what I loved about the sport.” 

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During college breaks, Shammgod Jr., who also played point guard, would see his father training different players. “Watching him do that showed me you can love basketball in a different way; you don’t have to just play,” he said. “When I got back to school, I started working out these young kids…I’d go to their games and see how happy it made them to do a move I taught them. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to coach.”

Shammgod’s role with the Mavericks has him on the practice court with young players. Both he and Shammgod Jr. said there are sore muscles after working out their players and they appreciate Advil and an ice bath.

Perhaps someday they will be on the same coaching staff. “This is a wonderful opportunity for me because I’ve never done something of this magnitude with my son,” said Shammgod. “Advil gave us an opportunity to show our connection to the world.”

“This shows young people from where we’re from that…you can leave a legacy,” said Shammgod Jr.

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