Rebirth of A New Nation: The strawberry full moon will be in scholarly Sagittarius on June 3 at 1:03 am EST. Sagittarius loves to expand beyond the conformity of life and be different and also let go of nonsense. Be brave enough to flex on your skills; you will see an act of kindness out of love. On a business and personal level, be open to receiving what the universe has in store. Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, and the north node in Taurus is a transit of redefining your skills, refreshing your personal appearances—just as nature changes with the seasons, so do we in many ways, based on our  longitude and latitude. Do your best every day to improve yourself and utilize faith with a splash of imagination for the fun of it, like a big kid at heart. “Those who seek a better life must first become a better person.”—Jim Rohn

Capricorn: June is the month to ask, and you shall receive. Begin to develop a new habit, consisting of the things you imagine having, to bring forth reality and resources. Demand and write it down with belief in your heart with much feeling and joy attached to the things you envision. Faith and imagination go a long way. Do read, write, visit, as if you already possess it within your space or realm of life.  Work on your self-growth; when you do, your environment grows and expand with you.  June 5th until 4 am June 7th it’s all in the attitude, tone, and belief so keep it simple not complex. 

Aquarius: What does it all come to at the end of the day, week, month, even by the hour, minute, second etc.? Without a plan to build on it’s all talk with no progress. What details were given to you in the last week of May was for your benefit to inner-stand something you may have missed. Moving forward, what dreams do you have or what projects need to be completed? Get it done during the month of June. It’s about time to make room for the new arrivals. June 7th until 6 am on June 9 mentally, physically, emotionally exercise it out and rest when needed. 

Pisces: Partnerships are brewing in your arena with the people you are in position with to build the foundation of your empire. You know when it’s time to take things on a higher note or do something differently to get the results you imagine. Magically, something will click within, and you will know what you have to do to raise your standard. Location can be a factor in this case, along with contract and semi-legal involvement. June 1st until 1am on June 3rd, the divine puts certain things in our dreams or thought patterns to aid and assist on the journey. It’s up to you to follow through.

Aries: June is going to take you by surprise if the last week of May wasn’t clear enough for you. You will catch the drift again this time in a different, odd, and unusual way. Swift action is being taken so do ask what, when, why, where and who, due to the circumstances approaching you. It’s more about standing your ground without feeling anyone is against you. You are always welcome to walk through any door and start anew. What commitment are you willing to invest in to change a situation?  June 3rd until 3 am June 5th it’s start with you first. 

Taurus: No need to rush even when others are rushing you. Something is lagging in the background, slowly catching up to you to bring forth the news or for you to see something. Only your eyes will catch it due to the fact that it’s meant for you and not others to see. June is all about the new direction you set along with new seeds planted in the ground. What do you do now, that later in the year more avenues will open in December? Keep the faith and progress forward. June 5th until 4 am June 7th,  once you continually act on your plans the universe will assist to make ways for you. 

Gemini: June is a wish fulfillment month along with a few oops, bumps, bruises, scratches, etc.  from being a bit clumsy. There are many things you want to accomplish and each one needs your undivided attention. It’s best to pace yourself, no need to go on a sprint. Focus on the new foundation you begin building the last week of March. Review any notes, plans, or anything that occurs leading up to clues for now. If you are looking for resources, check within your community resources center for a bit of guidance or ask someone you know. From June 7th until 6 am on June 9 most of the time it is the inside that influences the outside and our emotions that pulls on our behaviors.

Cancer: June is a slow-moving month with much information coming in deliberately slowly. This is a romance, finance, going back to school, rearranging your home, changing your appearance, or thinking about relocation are some themes for this month. Thoughts of changing your dietary habits for the betterment of your health are always beneficial. On a spiritual level what is your soul communicating to you for a change to or showing you a be more in tune with yourself. June 1st until 1am on June 3rd, oftentimes the things we need we already possess inside or have the tools we just need to relearn the foundation.

Leo: June is a month to be prompt due to the swift changes in progress not waiting for you to arrive. Instead, be there or miss out on what the divine has in place for you. If you missed it this time, another time is on the way. June brings short distance travels, quick decision making, family gathering, running errands, professional opportunities, and a reminder to check your voicemail and also send off the mail. By the end of June, a great break is coming for relaxation, then back to business.  June 3rd until 3 am June 5th, whatever is constant on your mind that you been wanting to do or go whatever it is make it happen. 

Virgo: The alpha and omega kind of week where you can sense the changes occurring within occurring on a universal level. Not everyone is affected due to the fact that everyone’s body reacts to nature differently. Keep note of the information folks are bringing towards your attention. Nothing happens by accident, it’s all in its proper order. Oftentimes, folks receive a warning before the scene takes place. What scenes are nudging at you and what messages are being conveyed to you on the physical plane or spiritual level? From June 5th until 4 am on June 7th , what we seek we find on a daily basis the universe sends people, nature etc. to get humanity in alignment or put on notice. 

Scorpio: Much is given when you apply yourself, even when results are not showing up yet; in due time, magically, what you put in is what springs out. Continue to lay the foundation. Remember you are building and sometimes all the tools and resources are forthcoming as you get further in the process. It’s not a time to go back to doing what you did in the past. Visiting the past is great to remind yourself of where it started and now where you are headed.  June 1st until 1am on June 3rd, when you look in the mirror who is looking back at you. Yes, say it I LOVE MYSELF. 

Sagittarius: The start of June is more mentally and spiritually, ready to equip you with putting the hidden in your faces within messages, conversation, images, and take a good look at the water. Does the water have a smell? Can you see your reflection? If so, why do you think we can see ourselves through water? Drink plenty of water and this time, check in with yourself to see how you feel after drinking water. This week and the second week of June have more clues in stores for you to digest. June 3rd until 3 am June 5th, stay the course on your mission with the seeds you planted in mind to get to A to B then to  C. Everything is in position and so are you. 

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