Rebirth of a New Nation: LET IT GO, and enjoy the ride with ease and joy. The divine and its nature forces are taking over. It’s better to connect with nature, to ride this earth wave effect that is felt within the hearts, minds, souls, spirits of the people. When there is balance, love is restored, traveling like the waters of the sea, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans and grounded like the land, air flowing in all directions as it pleases and fire burning its flame, elevating and inspiring the people in higher realms. “The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We’re still trying to give orders and interfering with God’s work within us” A.W. Tozer

Capricorn: June is a month to ask for what you need, allowing time and space for growth and development to flourish in ways you dream. Follow the rhythm of your heart to steer you in a new direction. When the soul of the spirit speaks, listen and speak the word or give the command; also deliver any spiritual guidance given straight from the divine creator. What gives you life? When you look around in nature and let yourself just be in nature, you realize nature itself is a lesson through mother earth essence. What is your essence indicating or attracting? On June 13th around 2 pm until 9 pm on June 15th, what signals are you receiving, and are you ready to travel down the rabbit hole into the beaver borrows? Red, Yellow, Green light, it’s a GO!

Aquarius: Mentally, what movie is playing out as you sit back and watch the episode of life carry on daily? When you watch the movie, does what you watch emotionally inspire you to laugh, cry, think, or motivate you to follow your passion, dreams, goals or something you love to do that you are flawlessly great at? June is a month to position yourself for advancement, to pursue whatever will push you to the next level. Rise up out of your comfort zone and make an uncomfortable move, and enjoy the ride while you are at it. On June 7th until 6 am on June 9th, be brave enough to carry out your mission no matter what or who may stand in your way. It’s all a game, be it chess, spades, Scrabble, Trouble, Monopoly, etc.  

Pisces: Looking into the future with looking glasses on is like looking into the future with a crystal ball in your hand. What the soul of the eyes sees only shows you what you need to see at your current level, and cloaks the rest until you are ready. The physical realm reveals details on a daily aspect and the spiritual realm gives the script at will to mix and mingle with the physical realm and the in-between that’s unknown by the naked eye. From June 9th until 9 am on June 11th, spark the flame in you to inspire, influence, and be inclined to let something go and follow the vision given to you. Apply the E in the word ME to evaluate you into higher realms of your creativity. 

Aries: Are you sprung out with something you just want to put your hands on or get a grip on life? Well snap, crackle, pop out of it and step up to the plate. Lay the foundation or build on the foundation that’s already laid out. Emotionally, without a foundation to stand on, the heart is in imbalance due to lack of nurture, support, and nourishment for the soul, body, mind, and spirit. Think in terms of a newborn baby, it needs nourishment for growth and development. From 9 am on June 11 until 2 pm on June 13th, your senses are telling you more to the story and, given your body signals, clues of what’s coming up, so be ready when it appears or it will catch you off guard like a surprise. 

Taurus: When you know you are right, yet your mind is telling you differently, that’s when you follow it intuitively and soulfully. Written and spoken messages are singing a tune to you. As a matter of fact, what songs are coming to you to remind you of something or an event that occurred in your life at a specific time? The divine creator is sending all types of mixed signals; only you know which ones resonate with you to choose. Ask and you shall receive, convey directly with the bosses, managers, CEOs, and presidents to get your point across and get what you need. On June 13th around 2 pm until 9 pm on June 15th it’s business not personal so get out of your feelings and try again with a different approach. 

Gemini: Change is the best growth you can ask for, like taking a deep sigh on fresh land where the water cleanses you and the sun recharges you. It makes you feel different, rejuvenated, and possible to carry out any plans you set into motion. Circumstances may feel up in the air, but apply the resources to get where you need to be to fill in the missing blanks. Taking notes is beneficial this week, along with drinking water and eating foods that nourish the body. From June 7th until June 6 am on June 9th, let your faith, imagination and creativity be your guide to see results. 

Cancer: When the going gets tough, enjoy the ride and position yourself to relax enjoying the excursion. When you have been working on a project for a long period of time it’s time for compensation for the energy, time invested to receive your return on your investment. Clean out your space to clear your path, making room for the new arrivals. Hot topics this week are romance, finances, family obligations, career opportunities, and taking on a new relationship. Consider taking a class to learn a new tool to add to your arsenal. From June 9th until 9 am on June 11th, the things you do best without a doubt are your gift, skills, and talent, and are what give you the ability to prosper. 

Leo: This year it’s been a lesson, a blessing, then graduating for advancement. It’s getting better each month with an extra bonus in store. This June is all about change, travel, opportunities, and a new perspective towards your growth process in your life. Listen to the voice of your soul that speaks to you and gives you the vision when you ask for it or when you need to get to point A, B, and C to connect the dots. At 9 am on June 11 until 2 pm on June 13th, take a detour near a body or water for a refresher course to collect your thoughts, then make a decision. 

Libra: When Jupiter and the solar new moon was in Aries, your opposition sign, it was assisting you to change within your character, identity, and the things, people, places you identify with. What lesson did you learn during that phase? When the nodes of the moon change to Aries/Libra on July 13th, there is nowhere to run nor hide as the preparation and previews have been laid out for you.  It’s time to face the fear of removing the funk lingering around you for growth, and the expansion of a higher version of you and your craft. On June 7th until June 6 am on June 9th, ready or not there’s a knock at the door. No need to ask who it is, you already know.

Scorpio: You are watching the trailer, previews, clips, and practicing for the upcoming movie. Did I forget to mention the signs are all around you through nature, conversation, symbols, signs, and even hearing it from children? As you make ways to sharpen and develop yourself, embrace what the divine has in store for you. You have plenty of shelves and storage room to do the work of your mission. From June 9th until 9 am on June 11th, it’s the role we play and the position we play that makes the world evolve to see the sunrise and sunset. 

Sagittarius: The divine has you working in many fields, bearing gifts like the fictitious Santa Claus. The messages you are delivering touch people’s hearts and leave them enlightened, seeing the picture more clearly. On the other hand, the universe is showering you with grace for the courage to deliver the mail with great rewards in due time. When the soul wants to speak, and the soul makes its presence known to others, it’s with no problem speaking through you to get its point across. From 9 am on June 11 until 2 pm on June 13th, the spirit has you feeling like the Aaliyah song “Hot Like Fire,” spreading the word and elevating you higher and higher on a new path. There is no resistance in the process. 

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