Originally published August 17, 1927

Dear Egypsy Ann:

My whole family are very fair skinned. I love a young man who is very dark and one whom the family is opposed to for that reason. I can’t ask him to my house for fear of this being slighten or insulted by my family — particularly my mother– is always saying something nasty about him.

I am eighteen and he is twenty-four. He is truly the finest young man I’ve ever seen. He is unusually brilliant, has a good job, goes to night college and treats me wonderfully. He is so thoughtful, and furthermore, can be relied upon. He has good features and everyone speaks nicely about him except my family. As long as a man is light and has straight hair, he’s o.k. with them.

If I marry the boy I love I will be considered a member of the family no longer. I have a mother, father, three sisters and one brother and all of them are opposed to him. Please give me your honest opinion.

Black Sheep

Dear Black Sheep:

I advise you to marry the man you love. Honestly, if I loved a man with all the good qualities you friend has, and he loved me, I’d consider myself a lucky person.

I know several fair complexioned girls who, although in love with dark men, married light ones. They’re unhappy because they haven’t the one they want. No matter what their husbands may do for them they always have the other man in mind and this makes both them and their husbands miserable.

You’re going to live with this man, not your family. It’s your own affair. When you marry, move into a different neighborhood and make new friends. People who are color-crazed are better left alone.


Egypsy Ann.

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