Juneteenth 2070

Can you imagine my BLACK PRIDE & JOY when I found this family photograph?! My great-grandmother “Nanny” front and center, looking like a BADASS, surrounded by siblings and extended family members. 

The text below is from an audio recording of me showing my cousin Carlton the family photograph. He had never seen it before.

“Look at the McCray’s! Look at all them guns! Even the women got guns. Cause you know back in the day when the Klan would come around all the men was out in the field with guns and all the women was in the houses. They had hot scalding water and cooking grease! They was prepared, you know, when they came up to the house they was fixing to dash some grease and hot water and all that kind of stuff. That’s right. They didn’t play back in the day. They wasn’t scared either. My daddy wasn’t scared of nothing but God. I ain’t lying he was a bad dude.”

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