It’s officially BBQ Season! BBQ is all about the rubs and sauces to make you grill bosses! Savor the sauce and consider the plethora of possibilities for your palette.  Below are flavor packed ingredients that can help make your next BBQ memorable. Try them on veggies, cheeses, meats, and even pizza bases. Remember, sometimes letting a marinade sit on meat overnight helps it to permeate through the skin and tenderize the dish. Summer grilling with superb sauce makes all the difference in the meal!

1787 Ponti Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar of Medina 

1787 Ponti Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar is a full-bodied glaze with moderate acidity and the aroma of cooked fruit. Drizzle it on your fish dishes, eggs, or veggies for a perfect pairing. The sweet and yet sour taste mixed with grilling is a great combo. $6.90 at Eataly

Lewis Barbecue 

Hatch Green Chile Barbeque ($10) from pitmaster John Lewis has roasted green chiles galore.  Lewis, of Charleston, has bold flavors in this this mouthwatering mustard-based sauce. Use it on potatoes, wings, or burgers to take the flavor profile of your food up a notch.

Fire & Smoke Society 

Smoked Cherry BBQ Sauce ($9.99) has a fruity sweet tart cherry taste. Slather it on pork tenderloin or a rack of ribs to ignite a cherry bomb in your mouth! Try Sweet Preacher and the Original BBQ Sauce too.

Lillie’s of Charleston 

Chucktown Stinger (2 10oz $22.99) is low country style hot sauce with honey. Use this sweet heat on fries, pizza, and chicken! Lillie’s can be added to marinades and finishing sauces to make food taste more complex and robust. All the products are made with love and care.

Lane’s BBQ 

Sorta White ($8.99) This award-winning handcrafted smooth tangy sauce is great for dipping gluten free or added to side salads, fried green tomatoes, and scallops. Mayo based with horseradish, chili peppers and apple cider vinegar, you may be tempted to drink it! Also look for the Spellbound Rub ($7.99) Complex flavors meld together in this rich versatile rub. It works wonders on meat, like steak.

Rufus Teague 

Rufus Teague Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce is award-winning thick sauce made with sticky honey. It is a rich and flavorful KC classic BBQ sauce. Try this gluten-free sauce on brisket, pork, or shrimp to elevate its taste. $12.00 at Amazon

FH Jerk Original Jerk Kitchen www.fh.jerk

Spicy BBQ Sauce ($6.99), Original Sauce ($7.99) and FH Jerk Seasoning ($6.99) all should be considered when grilling this summer due to the high intensity of their flavors! Jerk chicken is an art that starts with seasoning and sauces! 

Capital City Mambo Sauce 

Mambo is a mild DC Style sauce ($7.75) that makes ordinary wings taste magnificent! Mild enough for most everyone, this tomato-based sauce can be used as a glaze, a marinade, finishing sauce or dipping sauce.

Jones Bar B-Q

Sweet &Tangy sauce from pitmaster sisters Deborah and Mary of KC. Pour on the Jones flavor and let it seep into your meat or tofu over night for the best results. $20 Amazon

Mike D’s BBQ

The Mixed Sauce and Rub set for $32 is the way to go for gift giving at the next BBQ you are invited to! The set has 2 rubs and 2 sauces for when you want sweet or spicy. 

G. Hughes  

As a type 1 diabetic, I always look at sugar and carb content. This brand helps me pack in the flavor without spiking my blood sugar. The award-winning pit master has a number of condiments to try for every occasion. The Maple Brown BBQ Sauce ($6.85) is a must try! It works so well on meatloaf and turkey burgers. The Polynesian Dipping Sauce (5.54) and the Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce are charismatic on wings, chicken skewers, or on top of pizza. 

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