A new poll conducted by the Siena College Research Institute asked a sample of voters for their opinions about New York State and City elected officials and found that Mayor Eric Adams’s favor has dropped among some Black residents.

According to the poll, about 38% of Black voters surveyed and 41% of Latino voters think the state is on the right track, but even more say that it is not.

President Joe Biden is still polling favorably among Black New Yorkers surveyed, at 64%, with a majority saying the Democratic Party should renominate Biden as its candidate for president in 2024. Meanwhile, Adams is at 29% favorability among Black New Yorkers. At least 50% of Black New Yorkers and 32% of Latino voters find Adams unfavorable. 

The poll also asked about various laws and recent political issues. At least 47% of Black New Yorkers surveyed said they approved of the state passing Clean Slate, which automatically seals the record for most felony convictions after a certain amount of time (3yrs for misdemeanors, 8yrs for most felonies). Overwhelmingly, Black and brown New Yorkers approved of the state’s reparations law, which would create a commission to study the impact of slavery and discrimination against Black Americans and propose legislative solutions. 

As the asylum seeker crisis continues, Black and brown New Yorkers disapprove of using SUNY dormitory space to temporarily house new migrants. They are neutral about relocating migrants to other counties in the state.

The poll interviewed 817 registered voters in the state from June 20 to June 25. Of those polled, 49% were Democrats; 54% were female; 40% were from the city as opposed to upstate; most were over age 35; and 65% were white voters, 14% were Black voters, and 11% were Latino. The institute said that the data was statistically adjusted by age, party by region, race/ethnicity, education, and gender to ensure representativeness, with an overall margin of error of +/- 3.9 %. 

Evan Thies, a political adviser for Adams, came to the mayor’s defense.

“‘Alternative (accurate) headline: Yet another poll shows NYC residents support Mayor Adams and his policies.’ Mayor Adams’ rating is a positive 46/39,” tweeted Thies. “Both Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor de Blasio had negative approval ratings half-way through their second year in office.”

[updated July 6, 2023]

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  1. well, to the black people, NYC has lost thousands of black residents, due to high rents, gentrification, from Harlem to Brooklyn, bedstuy, crown heights, etc, and yet this mayor is busy trying to make Sure housing is provided for the migrants, spending millions, yet black residents who look like him can’t afford to stay in NY, he’s definitely not my brothers keeper, and his is rating will only get worse

  2. I thought that Adams would be a good and fair mayor, who had viable plans to address many inequities in NYC that hurt the African American community in numerous ways and have for decades. I was totally wrong and will NOT vote for him if he runs for reelection; I don’t care who his opponent will be. Stop & Frisk is back under his tenure. This galls me more than anything. His Chancellor is a failure. The “reforms” that he is making in public education, makes me glad that I retired from DOE before his tenure. The housing situation has gotten worse, and we are now about to have rent increases on so called “rent stabilized” apartments. The Mayor’s new Health Plan that he is trying to force on the municipal unions, especially retirees like myself, is absolutely despicable. I will stop here, because I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that Adams is a huge disappointment. I hope a viable Democrat runs against him so that I can vote for his opponent. Looking forward to it!!

  3. Mayor Adam will pave the way for a NY Right Winger in the Ghouliani mold to win the next election the platform will be crime crime crime Mayor Adam will be portrayed as ineffectual on dealing with what will be portrayed as rampant criminality, subway crime videos showing the usual suspects and that is only crime in the subway wait till they show the highlights of mostly black folks wilding out stealing , shooting and committing crimes right out in the open then the announcer says is New York City better off today then it was four years ago and then the Rethug Pol. comes out and talks about increasing the NYPD size and pay and keeping the zoo open Rikers Island so the head winds of crime is going to ensure his defeat that along with housing the immigrants but his lack of a adequate response plan to crime will be his downfall.

  4. For two years, we fought for justice for George Floyd and justice for Black people in America. America sent a collective f**k you to Black America.

    Adams has been working triple time to create a fake white utopia for whites and Asians.

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